The Benefits of Sports Agility Speed Ladder Training

Posted by Robert Harwood on




When you’re engaged in sports, your ability to perform can sometimes mean the difference between winning the championship and handing the trophy over to the other team. Typically this means spending hours a day practicing your sport of choice. But one other option is to do sports agility training with a speed ladder as it offers these types of benefits:

  • Improved balance. When you’re training on a speed ladder, your ability to balance will become better, making you a better player when on the field or court.
  • Greater muscle strength. Engaging in sports agility speed ladder training helps you build your muscles, primarily in your legs and core, so that all of your sports-related moves become easier.
  • Faster foot maneuvering skills. Speed ladder training requires that you move your feet not only faster, but also more intentionally, which makes this particular piece of equipment great for those who play football, basketball, or any other sport that involves the use of your feet.
  • Learning more complex foot patterns. If you struggle with moving your feet in a specific way, training with a speed ladder can help you master the movements when you’re in between practices.
  • Better running skills. Go through the speed ladder a few times doing various drills and you’ll emerge a better runner which is sure to help in pretty much any sport that exists.
  • Reduced risk of injury. By training your muscles regularly with the use of a speed ladder, they’ll be better able to withstand the pressures that playing in sports often create, reducing your risk of injury as a result.
  • Greater self-confidence. The more you practice with your speed ladder, the better you get, and the more self-confidence you have, making you a better player because you trust yourself to be able to move in the ways necessary to play your best.

Why do you like using a speed ladder in your agility training?