how do i improve on wide grip pull-ups?

How do I improve on wide grip pull-ups?

Your body requires strength

You must understand that when you do something your body needs to apply some strength in order to get the said work or task done. Strength is the main component here. Activities require strength. You need to have a particular amount of strength if you want to lift some weight. Furthermore, you’ll need a particular amount of strength if you want to play with your kids.

Despite what you might think, building your strength is not that difficult. Strength training is what allows the body to become stronger. It even increases your stamina. Now pull-ups are the most efficient and effective workout activity that helps in gaining strength in your body. When you do wide grip pull-ups you are providing your body the resistance and the strength that it requires. In order to increase your strength, you must improve your wide grip pull-ups, but how to do so?

Will resisted pull-ups help?

Resisted pull-ups do help with improving your pull-ups as you are able to improve your strength. So, the first thing that will help you in improving your wide grip pull-ups is doing resisted pull-ups. Now in these types of pull-ups, the weight that you have attached can be very difficult to lift, and this can cause you to face a lot of issues as well. So, before you begin make sure to make it a habit of yours to do some simple pull-ups and some different chin-up variations as well. Also, do palms facing each other pull-ups as well because doing these will also help in strengthening your grip. This will allow you to build up some awe-inspiring muscles and enable you to slowly start doing resisted pull-ups without facing any sort of issues during your said workout regime.

Do lateral pull-downs work for improving your wide grip pull-ups?

Apart from resisted pull-ups you should work on your lateral pull-downs as well. What are lateral pull-ups? Well, basically you are trying to lug your head up the bar while doing lat pull-downs. Pull-downs are similar to doing pull-ups. You require the same muscles and the same strength in order to do them. Just sit on the machine, grip the bars, your palms (shoulder-width apart) should be facing away from your body and your arms should be fully extended above your head. Make sure that you are not leaning back while you are pulling the bar to the top of your chest. Hold the bar there for 2 seconds. Now when the control bars will pull themselves back to their original position you will then aim to ascent for about 3 seconds this time without pausing at the top. Once you have mastered this, it will help in increasing your strength so that you can easily do more of the wide grip pull-ups.

Can I opt for negatives?

Yes! The next thing that you are to do is negative chin-ups. These will make doing chin-ups a lot easier for you. All that you have to do is concentrate on perfecting your lowering phase movements. You need to understand that once you have improved your lowering strength your lifting strength will improve on its own and it will become a lot easier to lift weight and do pull-ups without facing any sort of issues. What you should be doing is, stand on a bench, see that you’re standing at the top of you chin-up movement and that your palms are facing towards you and are almost shoulder-width apart. Then lower yourself for at least 6 seconds till your arms have fully extended and then step onto the bench and then raise yourself to the starting position. You should continue doing this for a couple of times.

Following these methods will definitely make you a pull-up pro in no time.



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