How to burn fat fast with simple skipping rope workouts

Losing weight through cardio is the most effective way of shedding those extra pounds. There is no need to invest in heavy and expensive machinery to do cardio, as we are here today with the most cost-effective method to reduce weight.

A jumping rope or a skipping rope is the best way to do cardio, and most famous athletes swear by the benefits of jumping rope. Experts have claimed that skipping rope workouts are best for:

  1. Building stamina
  2. Toning your calves
  3. Tightening the core
  4. Improving lung capacity

Skipping rope workouts take nothing but your effort and time to lose weight. Here are several skipping rope workouts that can shed those extra pounds quickly.

Basic Jump:

Suggested for beginners, the basic jump is easy to master, and it will help you reduce weight with just 10 to 15 minutes of daily workout. All you have to do is position your rope handles in each hand by your side and let the rope rest on the ground at the back. Take a deep breath and swing the rope, bringing it to the front and skip as it comes near your foot. Jump with both feet and land with both at the same time. The intensity, speed as well as resistance and duration are four factors that can make your weight loss program a hit or flop.

Boxer Step:

Alternating between different workouts is an excellent way to make your exercise routine fun. Boxer step jump workout out is the most preferred exercise of boxers; it’s because of them it becomes so popular. With the boxer jump technique, you can jump for a longer duration of time as well as build stamina. Since you are jumping from leg to leg, constantly shifting weight, you don’t tire out for a long time. This workout is just like the basic jump, but here you are shifting weight from one foot to another.

Jump Rope High Knees:

All of the jump rope workouts have their significance; some are easy some while others are high intensity. The high knees workout is designed to increase the power of the exercise. This technique gets your heart rate up faster than any other workout and also makes you break sweat quicker. This workout is done by running in place; bring one knee-high to your core every time you swing your rope. This technique incorporates the alternate foot step workout, only making it high-intensity by brining your knee high up to the core.


Jump Rope Jacks:

This workout is exactly like jumping jacks, but with a jumping rope to increase the intensity level. It’s one of the most natural exercises to help you learn to focus as well as lose weight. Practice jumping jacks without a rope first, opening your legs with one jumping, and bring them close with the next. Add your rope when you feel confident about your jumping jacks.

Jump Rope Mummy Kicks:

Mummy kicks are great for hips and your hamstrings. For this workout, you need to do is to start with alternate footstep technique and then incorporate small kicks by extending your legs, one at a time, with each swing of the rope while you jump.


Mastering all of these different skipping rope workouts will not only help you lose weight faster but also make your workouts a fun activity. The best part is, you dint have to invest hundreds of dollars or register to a gym; you can do this at home and in your comfort zone while actively losing weight.






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