3 Best Pieces of Athletic Equipment to Build Stamina



If your fitness goal is to improve your endurance or stamina, you’ll be more likely to meet it if you have the right athletic equipment at your disposal. What are some of the “must haves” that you’ll want to work out with? Here they are, in no particular order:


Plyometric boxes – One of the top pieces of stamina building equipment available are plyometric boxes. These are various heighted platforms that you can use to jump on and/or over, enhancing your strength and speed, which also increases your stamina. The nice thing about these is that they come in different sizes so you can get bigger ones as your stamina starts to build.


Stair machine – Not much will build the endurance of your leg muscles like a stair machine. Whether you’re facing forward as if you are going up them or standing in reverse like you would if you were going down a flight, you’ll be testing all of the strength that your thighs and hamstrings can muster to do “just one more.” The nice thing about stairs is that they are also available to you in places other than a gym. In fact, you can find them most anywhere (maybe even in your own home), leaving you no excuse for not building your stamina regularly.


Stationary bicycle – Another piece of equipment that can help boost your endurance is a stationary bike. Because it is a low impact exercise, it is especially beneficial to people who have knee and joint issues that would typically be aggravated by more jarring activities such as running or boxing. And, just like the stairs, you can always take your bicycle workout outside if you’d like to work on your stamina in fresh air.


Use these three pieces of equipment and you’ll be one step closer to having endurance that will help you outlast your opponent. Even if that opponent is you!

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