It is believed for many years that coconut oil is made up of 90% of saturated fatty acids which are not good for our health but actually the coconut oil is made of those saturated fats which are also known as medium chain triglycerides, and these are not like the other saturated fats found in most foods. MCFAs in this oil boost up the energy level and can be converted into carbohydrate; they almost act like a carbohydrate, never raise the blood sugar. It is healthy food, and it should be in every bodybuilder’s diet. Coconut oil contains a lot of calories, so it is not recommended for those who want to lose a large number of fats quickly but its good for long-term weight loss diet.

Some of the benefits of coconut oil:


Coconut oil increases your metabolic system. it provides energy immediately. This is the reason adding coconut oil in your diet plan is a great idea.



Hard training takes a toll on immune function of the body, and you are weak right after a workout, so coconut helps you a lot because it contains lauric acid and caprylic acid which are known for their anti-microbial and antiviral effect.



Coconut oil makes you feel less tired and give lasting energy, most of the body-builders use it before and during a workout, as it gives instant energy. It works as a fuel. The easiest way to use it is to make a toast in oil instead of using butter.



Coconut oil when used before training work as a power station because when medium chain fatty acids combine with the carbohydrates powers your exercise.



It is studied and also experienced that coconut oil burns fats very fast, and it is right to say it helps in weight loss it also helps in constructing muscles. Therefore, it is more popular among body-builders who use it before and during training.


Many of us vowed to join the gym in 2018 to change your lifestyle and make yourself healthier, stronger and better. If you want to see, the drastic change add a cup of coffee subtracting cream and sugar, in your workout routine, seriously it will help you a lot out there. The Question arises here how? Because coffee contains caffeine which helps you from sunrise to sunset and not only it wakes up your mind but also gives you energy and helps you burn fats quickly. It has become the most popular and effective pre-workout drinks according to the study.

Here are some surprising benefits of coffee:


The greatest benefit of coffee is fat burning. Coffee when taken before exercise it converted fat cells into energy. The great amount of caffeine in coffee increases your metabolism, helps you in burning more fats. It provides more effective fat burning during and after several hours of workout.



Caffeine in coffee plays an important role in training athlete longer and with great power output. Studies are made that coffee controls our body to utilize the fats stored in our body as fuel during workouts.



Studies have been made that coffee helps you a lot to go through hard workouts. It increases your focus through the exercise which makes it more effective and productive.



It is studied that those people who take a cup of black coffee before workout experience less pain during a workout as compared to their non-caffeine partners. You can run faster and do more reps during the cardio workout.

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