Poor Preparation Provides Poor Performance

Poor Preparation Provides Poor Performance - Fitness Health

Poor Preparation Provides Poor Performance

To succeed in whatever you are doing in life, you need to remember these 5Ps. Without adequate preparation for the coming day, week, or even year, there is a lower chance of you enjoying a productive or even slightly satisfying performance. You should also remember that planning beforehand prevents poor performance. Of course, life loves to throw surprises at us, but with the following simple tasks, we can be prepared for the next day, week, or year in a better manner and deal with the surprises too!

How well your day, year, or month goes depends on how well you prepare for them. The following rituals can help to declutter your mind space, and you will also be less anxious about what’s next! So, before you stress about the upcoming day or week or even year, give the following a try!

Be goal-oriented

Whether you are planning a day, week, or a year, the most basic thing you need to do is to set goals beforehand. Remember, planning beforehand plays a big role in helping you reduce stress, stay productive, and stay on track even when you get extremely busy.

Have a to-do list

Another incredible tool to get ready for the coming week or year is to have a to-do list. Apart from making you feel like you are more prepared to tackle the new day, week, or year, a to-do list also gives you a clear view of all the things that you must get done along with their deadline. Here is a tip; divide the tasks in three ways;

  1. They require physical actions like going somewhere
  2. Tasks you can finish all in one sitting
  3. Tasks only you can do

Sticking these three and your list will end up being extremely helpful.

Plan fun times

Make sure to take out some time for having fun. Make a few plans with friends or hangouts with your family even if it is just to get a few drinks. Not only will you have something that you can look forward to, but it’ll also give you a much-needed break from working all the time can be both physically as well as mentally exhausting.

Make cleaning a habit

Get ready for the coming week with a clean apartment. The same goes for a new year; make it a habit of cleaning because a clean, decluttered environment also helps to keep the brain decluttered. Make sure to change the sheets, clean all the dishes, and throw away all the trash. Then, at the beginning of the week, so how happy a clean place makes you!

Look back and reflect

At the end of your day, week, or year, make sure to make out time and look back at the day, week, or year you just had. On reflection, you will realize that there are things you need to be thankful as well as the things that you need to work on. You will also have a chance to look back at all that you have achieved in the past week or year and how far you have come along. With life being so busy, we often forget to reflect on ourselves and our lives. So, before you go to sleep, sit back with your choice of beverage and think about the time which has already passed and the upcoming time.

The bottom line is that if you get only a few of these rituals done, you’ll notice that your upcoming day, week, and year will be much easier and will also be more organized too!

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