Pulley Systems Used Outdoors


Pulley cables have become a popular craze for home and outdoor fitness training, they are small, light weight and easy to manufacture yourself. To put together a set you can source the materials quite easily online through sales channels like Amazon, eBay, or  popular online hardware stores, to make a pulley system is quite simple all you need are the following items

Wire cable 4mm - 2 meter 

Stainless Steel Pulley for 4mm wire cable

(check the tested weight to make sure it is capable for your lifting weight.)

2 meter Steel wire rope grips 4mm

1 meter chain for loading 

1 loading strap (ideally webbing) 

4 carabiners 

You can also purchase this set here 

I would suggest that the wire preferably between 4mm and 5mm, you can use nylon coated wire for added protection or you can just use standard steel cable wire. The only thing to take into account is the material of the pulley if the pulley is steel mechanism the nylon wont grip on steel very well. 

To make the system it's simple, all you need is to feed the steel rope through the pulley then attach the steel loops making one either side one to the cable using the cable grip joiners.  The cable only then is the wire joiners and staples to put this together with two nylon steel hoops 

with the pandemic and lock down hitting many last year the gyms were closed down and fitness training at home has never been so focused for new creative ideas for training in small spaces. During the pandemic there was a major shortage of fitness equipment for sale and stocks sold out fast this pushed prices  through the roof due to the shortage of fitness and gym equipment. This made people to think of new ideas or items they could use for fitness training, as people weren't allowed outside this push and changed people into looking around their homes to find alternatives people having to improvise creating fitness equipment from their surroundings, looking at all items such like tires, bags, stones, concrete, sand or even water. 



When you create your own pulley system you need to find a loading support that can handle the weight you intend to lift.  ideally you need to find a point roughly 1.5 meters high for loading. You can use a tree, eye bolt or supporting structure like a steel or wooden frame. Using handles on one side and loading loop on the other, you will can now attach the chain around the weight for pulling.

Always test with weight first to make sure that the support is sturdy enough to take the weight for exercise . 

Please see the details for installing a cable pulley system below.



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