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Fitness Health Pulley Cable System, Pulley System Gym, Bicep Tricep Forearm Wrist Trainer

Fitness Health Pulley Cable System, Pulley System Gym, Bicep Tricep Forearm Wrist Trainer

Fitness Health

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BEST HOME FITNESS: Are you bothered about paying for fitness? Keep your worry apart! Here we introduced the new FH PULLEY WEIGHT SYSTEM to get a fit and dynamic body structure at the comfort of your home. FH pulley cable machine system made of high-density steel rope, not easy to break. The metal-coated steel loading pin, holding up to 110 lbs. Package Including 1 x Nylon Coated Wire Rope, 1 x Pulley, 2 x Handle, 1 x Strap, 1 x Extended Chain, 3x Carabiner.

FOR BETTER RESULTS: Develop your body without the help of anyone! home gym pulley system to perform lat pulldowns, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back, can build muscles will be the better choice for the people who are looking to build their bodies. Continuous workout gives unbelievable results. These wonderful gym machine pulley system will be used for muscular power and strength training.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Need not to worry about the long day usage! Our Wire Pulley System is highly made from a mixture of steel, alloy and nylon materials. Making the set robust providing adequate protection. 360° rotatable pulley enables you to complete workouts to training all body muscles. Test load of 50kg

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: This LAT pulley system works with all kind of weights as we use chain for loading weights you can use kettlebells, dumbbells, powerboats, weighted bags, and standard-size weight plates & Olympic plates (plates not included).

EASILY PORTABLE: Bothering about workout sessions at your holidays? This portable gym weight exercise cable pulley system can be carried everywhere you like because it is small in size; thus, in turn, it occupies only a limited amount of space. It doesn’t have a time limit to workout. Takes up no space in your gym, you can easily take it for gym anywhere.

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