Detoxification is one of the earliest practiced remedies that guarantee a fresher and glowing skin tone. In a world that’s running a beauty race, having a beautiful, clean and healthy skin should be your number one priority. And since your skin is the most superficial organ of the body, it is constantly exposed to air pollutants and smoke that cause great harm. Moreover, using excessive makeup can cause products to build-up in your skin leading to clogged pores. To sum it up, your skin is loaded with toxins, dead cells, pollutants, unwanted products which eventually lead to skin discoloration, dullness, acne, and irritation. This calls for a complete detoxification plan to nourish your skin and improve circulation by driving out all sorts of impurities. A few skin detox remedies that are bound to help you are listed below:

1. Cleansing Your Skin
So the first step when it comes to detoxifying is to thoroughly cleanse out the pores of your skin. It is preferable to start by brushing your body with a bristled brush. This immensely helps to remove dead skin cells and improving lymphatics and blood flow. But when it comes to cleansing, it must be done every single day because cleansing is a basic right of your skin. You may use oil cleansers, foam cleansers or any products that suit your skin type. Moreover, using a skin exfoliator will help to get rid of dead cells by promoting new cell growth. Deeply cleansing and massaging your skin will help muscles to loosen out and make you feel relaxed!

2. Steaming and Detox Bathing
Steam and hot water are crucial to extract all sorts of toxins and dirt that penetrate your pores. Steaming is preferred for facial detox in which you simply expose your face over a boiling pan of hot water. Cover your head with a dry towel so that all the steam cleanses your face. For the skin over other body areas, you can choose a detox bathe of your own choice. All you have to do is add Epsom salt, or green tea, or apple cider vinegar, or essential oils (any of your choice) in a bathtub and voila it’s time to relax, calm down your nerves and let your skin be rejuvenated.

3. Skin Masks
Facial masks have emerged as an increasingly popular choice when it comes to clogged pores. Applying a mud mask or a charcoal mask is guaranteed to pull out all toxins, makeup residues, pollutants, blackheads and dirt particles that have been living in your skin for too long. They revitalize skin instantly by unclogging pores and extracting impurities.

4. Hydrated Skin
There might not exist a better remedy for skin detoxification other than plain, simple water. Drinking excess amounts of water flush out toxins and alkalis from the body. Water promotes body and skin health and squeezing a lemon to your glass of water might be all you need to stay detoxified. Keeping up with adequate skin moisture is necessary hence essential oils and moisturizing creams are also recommended to lock in moisture and freshness in your skin.

5. Detox Drinks
Step up your drinking game with a fresh glass of vegetable or fruit juice in the morning. Incorporating a lot of green vegetables like spinach, kale, cilantro or beetroot, and ginger will serve as excellent ingredients for a detox drink. Apart from this, try substituting alcohol and coke with a cup of herbal tea like lemongrass, mistletoe, dandelion, nettles, green tea, etc. It will surely give you long-lasting detox benefits by purifying your skin.

6. Cut Out on Junk
A lot of the food we eat contains unhealthy stuff that basically is harmful to your skin. For thorough skin rejuvenation, you need to pay proper heed to your diet. You are what you eat, so try to maximize your intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and minerals. To avoid skin-dulling and pore-clogging, stay away from fried food, cheesy stuff, dairy products, fast food, white sugar, alcohol, white flour, artificial sweeteners etc. Your skin is bound to give you major goals once you adopt a healthy lifestyle!

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