ten tips to help you lose weight

Overeating, stressing, and untimely meals are the reasons for gaining unhealthy weight during the current pandemic. A New York study reported that obese individuals are at a higher risk for COVID-19. And you know what? It’s never too late to lose weight!

Here are some tips on keeping yourself fit and not gaining extra weight while you are social distancing!

Our list of 10 Tips to Help You Lose Weight includes:

  1. Get Moving!

Studies show that people who are physically active burn more calories. There’s so much gloom and doom in the daily news. Switch off all devices for a while and go out for a walk (in a physically distanced way, of course).

If you don’t want to go for a walk, there are many in-door exercises you can do. Just search for free exercise apps, download, and get started. The important thing is to move your body.

  1. Drink water before meals

Consumption of water 30 minutes before meals is beneficial. According to a study, fifty women consumed 500 milliliters (mL) of water thirty minutes before their meals, along with their regular water intake throughout the day, for eight consecutive weeks. The participants reported weight, body fat, and body mass index reduction. They also experienced appetite suppression.

  1. Meditate

Due to the pandemic, social distancing is causing a lot of stress and anxiety among people. Studies report that the more stressful you are, the hungrier you will be. Meditation helps your attention become focused, your mind becomes quiet, and your nervous system goes back into a balanced. It would help if you practiced meditation in a calm area. The calmer you will feel, the less anxious you will be. A calm you will keep away from stress eating.

  1. Reduce Intake of Added Sugar

Studies report that added sugar is the primary culprit in a slew of metabolically based diseases like obesity. So, choose healthier substitutes for added sugar, such as molasses. Replace energy drinks, sodas, and malts with water, smoothies, sparkling water with lemon or herbal tea.

  1. Follow a Fixed Sleeping Schedule

According to the Sleep Foundation, a sleepy brain craves more junk food and lacks the impulse control to say ‘No.' It isn't possible to lose weight if you aren't sleeping well. An app can help you monitor your sleep patterns. Try it!

  1. Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been known to help certain people lose weight. Following such a diet plan can help you stick to a schedule because you will only be allowed to eat during a particular time window. Such a fasting pattern is excellent for keeping away from random snacking sessions.

  1. Eat Tasty Food in Small Portions

You don’t have to punish yourself with bland food! Nutritionists recommend to include small portions of “prohibited” foods. Here is why! If a person doesn’t eat tasty food for a long time, their brains start to urge them to have a piece of chocolate that would give joy. And once you pick up a tasty snack, it's tough to stop binge eating. So, treat yourself to something delicious once or twice a week, but don't overeat.

  1. Focus on Protein and Fiber

Protein and fiber make us feel full and increase the body’s metabolism rate. According to data, eating 30 grams of fiber every day can help you lose weight. You should reduce carbohydrates and search for foods that are high in protein and fiber.

  1. Seek Therapy

Research continually proves that therapy is highly effective in helping people reduce weight. If you experience overwhelming cravings and can’t seem to be able to limit your eating no matter how hard you try, you may be addicted. Look for professional aid in this case. It is impossible to try to lose weight without first combating food addiction that might be related to an emotional issue.

  1. Join an Online Support Group

Research shows that the internet weight loss community plays a significant role in people’s weight loss efforts. There are many online forums for you to try. Such groups offer a safe place for members to share their weight loss journey.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that our ‘Ten Tips to Help You Lose Weight’ prove beneficial to you. Always remember to consult your health provider before making any drastic changes to your diet.

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