The 10 Best Exercises That Help Reduce Heart Rate

The 10 Best Exercises That Help Reduce Heart Rate - Fitness Health

 The 10 Best Exercises That Help Reduce Heart Rate

Maintaining your heart rate is very important for your overall health. These are the 10 best exercises that help reduce heart rate and give rise to a better lifestyle:

  1. Brisk walking

This particular exercise has been termed as a "natural" exercise as this is what we are conditioned to do. Whether we walk on a treadmill or really get some miles "under our feet" on the track, this happens to be one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit and maintain our heart rate.

Also, this type of exercise can be made enjoyable by wearing comfortable walking shoes, easy clothes, listening to some music. You can do it early in the morning, evening, or even take a late night stroll.

  1. Running

This is another activity that the human body is conditioned to do or perform. Although it poses a greater challenge as compared to walking, running is a good exercise for maintaining your body and overall heart rate.

Apart from that, running helps in reducing weight which in turn decreases the risk of heart problems being developed, for instance, heart attack or any other ailment.

It is recommended that beginners should add in 1 to 2 minutes of running for every 5 minutes of walking to stay fit and once you get into the "zone," one can increase or adjust this time span accordingly.

  1. Swimming

Although a leisure sport for some people, being in water can also play a key role in helping reduce and maintain your heart rate at an optimal level. The water provides multi-directional resistance hence assisting in improving your muscle strength.

In addition to that, swimming is also a safer alternative as compared to walking or running if you are suffering from joint problems.

  1. Cycling

This cardiovascular activity is a low impact exercise that you can do in the gym, or you can even take out your cycle and go on an average paced ride. This would enhance the blood flow to the heart hence helping in a healthy pumping of the heart and also marinating your wellbeing.

  1. Interval or circuit training

For every 3 minutes of cardio, you should do one strength training exercise or a higher-level intensity burst of cardio for 1 minute. Another alternative can be to choose a few strength training exercises and then doing a few rounds of each.

  1. Yoga

This form of relaxing exercise provides a calmness to your body which in turn leads to lower blood pressure, more elastic blood vessels thus leading to a healthier heart.

  1. Core workouts

These exercises help strengthen muscles, provide flexibility and tone the body hence allowing a healthy heart rate to develop which does not increase by doing common tasks, even when doing something as basic as climbing up the stairs.

  1. Being active all day long

By continually working all day long, you as an individual are conditioning your body to work and exercise hence leading your body to become accustomed to that particular routine. This helps one stay fit, maintain one's health which in turn leads to a stable and healthy heart rate.

  1. Breathing exercises

By keeping yourself in cool and comfortable surroundings, one should let their body relax. By allowing yourself to calm down both internally and externally, one can then start slow, but deep breathing exercises which would lower your blood pressure, allowing you to completely relax and lead to you maintain your heart rate.

  1. Strength training

An overlooked issue, but exercising with weights or resistance, for example, doing push-ups or sit-ups can be beneficial for our cardiovascular system. Strength training done for 5 to 10 minutes, several times in a week is sufficient for maintain a healthy body and lowering your heart rate.


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