The 10 health benefits of turmeric powder

The 10 health benefits of turmeric powder - Fitness Health

 Turmeric, also known as 'Haldil', is a congener of ginger. This spice is most commonly used for cooking in territories such as India as well as other Middle Eastern & South Asian Countries. This yellowy-orange spice also has proven medicinal properties for treating many problems including breathing issues. Science has shown that turmeric is effective for treating cancer, as a cure for depression, and much more.

You can find turmeric in a raw state, as a powder, and even in the form of pills. Turmeric powder has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicines. Such a powder can be applied on wounds to fight infection. It can also be dissolved in milk to help calm the mind.

Keep reading to find out the 10 health benefits of turmeric powder!

  1. Cancer:

Cancer is, without a doubt, a terrible disease characterized by the unstoppable growth of cancer cells. Human and animal studies have shown that turmeric has properties to stop the growth of tumorous cells. Some studies conclude that turmeric powder can contribute to killing cancerous cells, detoxifying enzymes, reduce the spread of cancer and even halt the formation of tumors.

  1. Cognition:

Alzheimer’s patients have lower levels of brain-derived neuropathic factor (BDNF). Turmeric powder is capable of increasing the levels of BDNF. It can repair stem cells inside the brain. These stem cells can help patients to recover from strokes and offer aid with managing Alzheimer's disease. Studies propose that such a powder also improves memory.

  1. Arthritis:

The anti-inflammatory elements present in turmeric powder works like a wonder for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It stops free radicals from damaging cells. It's recommended to drink milk mixed with a few tablespoons of turmeric powder to experience relief from joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

  1. Antiseptic:

Many elders recommend turmeric powder to treat burns, cuts, and a range of infections. According to science, they were right because this kind of powder naturally has antibacterial and antiseptic components making it a good disinfectant.

  1. Diabetes:

Research has found that consuming turmeric powder lowered the odds of developing diabetes. This is due to how turmeric can naturally fight inflammation and keep the levels of sugar in balance. It is useful to treat or prevent type 2 diabetes.

  1. Digestion:

Turmeric powder is helpful as a cure for digestive problems. This kind of powder induces the gallbladder to create more bile, which makes the digestive system work properly. Turmeric also helps to reduce gas and bloating.

  1. Liver:

Turmeric powder improves liver health by improving blood circulation. Turmeric is well known as an agent for raising the production of the necessary enzymes responsible for cleansing blood. It breaks down and reduces the toxins present inside the liver.

  1. Viruses:

Add some turmeric powder to your diet if you are under the weather. Turmeric protects against several viruses and foreign invaders. Turmeric has always been used in Ayurvedic Medicines to treat viral infections and repair the damage such illnesses have caused. 

  1. Headaches:

Since it belongs to the family of ginger, which is already known as a natural cure for headaches, needless to say, that turmeric powder is also recommended for curing headaches (especially migraines).

  1. Acne:

Since turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, research shows that applying a turmeric powder mask on the face or adding such a powder to your diet can defend the skin from stubborn and painful pimples.

Wrapping It Up

Many kitchens, around the world, already use turmeric powder in countless ways because of its numerous benefits. This powerful powder can be added to a number of dishes to promote good health. Turmeric powder can be added in curries, warm milk, fried dishes, smoothies, salads, etc.

While supermarkets have turmeric supplements or raw Turmeric, it is advised to consume turmeric in powdered form. Also, make sure to buy organic turmeric powder and store it in an airtight container.






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