The 10 reasons why rubber Olympic plates are better than cast iron

The 10 reasons why rubber Olympic plates are better than cast iron - Fitness Health


If you happen to be interested in lifting weights at the gym, you’re likely familiar with weight plates. There’s a variety to be found at numerous gyms. An establishment might have the usual cast iron ones or the colorful, rubber version. And if you have been wondering if a rubber weight plate is better than a cast iron well, we have you covered.

We have created a list showcasing the 10 reasons why rubber Olympic plates are better than cast iron.

However, before we begin the list, you should know what makes a rubber weight plate different from the cast iron version.

Cast Iron Weight Plates

These are the most common types of plates you will find at any establishment that allows weight training. As the name states, such plates are made from cast iron. They are relatively cheap and come in a variety of styles. You might have seen such weight plates featuring 12 sides and several holes in them.

Machined cast iron plates are also available in the market. While they are better than normal cast iron ones, they still have issues when it comes to calibration and standardization.

Rubber Olympic Weight Plates

If you want the best quality for the money you will be spending, the weight plates featuring rubber is the option to go for. As the name states, this version of weight plates are meant to be used during the Olympics. So, of course, that means these types of plates are the best of the best.

They have been created to last longer, be quieter, and easier to use. Such plates are also standardized and properly calibrated (which we’ll get to in our list).

Why are Rubber Olympic Weight Plates better?

Here’s our list detailing the 10 reasons why you should invest in a rubber Olympic plate than a simple cast iron one:

  1. Accuracy

Yes, you can find cast iron plates for a lot cheaper than rubber Olympic plates. However, with the low price tag also comes several calibration issues. The usual cast iron plates out there aren't always scaled right, which can lead to trouble when trying to reach your weight goals.

  1. Aesthetic

Rubber Olympic plates come in various colors to help give the gym or your workout area a pleasing appearance. No one likes using rust-covered cast iron weights if they can help it.

  1. Guarantee

This goes back to the point about accuracy. High-quality rubber Olympic weights plates come with a guarantee to ensure said plate weighs the right amount.

  1. Portability

Many fitness experts prefer using rubber weight plates because they are easier to move around due to the handles or holes they feature.

  1. Durability

Rubber weight plates are considered to be more durable than average cast iron plates. If they accidentally fall on the ground, they are resistant to breaking in half and damaging the floor.

  1. Designed for the Best

As the name states, rubber Olympic plates were specially designed for the Olympics. A mere cast iron plate just can't compete with such construction that's meant for competitive use.

  1. Standardized

Due to them used for competitions, rubber weight plates are always standardized. You won't have any difficulty getting Olympic bars through the holes in such plates.

  1. Color Coordinated

The color of rubber plates denotes its weight.  Red plates are 25 kg, Blue is 20 kg, and so on. The different colors make it easier to pick the right weight.

  1. Quieter

The clanking of weight plates in the gym can be annoying. Rubber weight plates have been constructed to be quieter when they hit the floor. They also don't vibrate too much.

  1. Cleaning

Rubber weight plates are easier to keep clean. You can wipe them off with a damp towel or cloth without worrying about rust.

So, if you're interested in buying weights, you should consider investing in rubber Olympic weight plates due to the numerous benefits.



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