kettlebell vs. dumbbell: which is better for weight training

If you are a gym enthusiast, you know you should go for a treadmill if you want to run. If you want a lower body workout for a more extended period, then hitting the bike is where it’s at. All such workout plans are quite straightforward. However, that is not the case with weights. The question that always tends to come up is when to grab a dumbbell or a kettlebell.


You shouldn't grab a kettlebell just because it is near. The same goes for a dumbbell. They both work perfectly when used correctly. It all, frankly, boils down to what you want to (possibly) to achieve in your fitness journey.


Still can't figure out which one to choose? Below is a helpful guide to help you find the answer to Kettlebell vs. Dumbbell – which is better for weight training.


The Advantages of Kettlebells


The main advantage of kettlebells is to improve your strength, overall movement, and lifting power. Your lower body, shoulders, and back are the most targeted muscles when you train with kettlebells.


If you are someone who happens to like playing basketball, then it’s recommended you train with kettlebells. You can perform squats, snatches, lunges, kettlebell swing, and even deadlifts with such an item.


The Advantages of Dumbbells


Dumbbells are just your regular weights. Dumbbell is most advantageous when you want to target a specific muscle in your body.


Shoulder press and chest press are the best exercises to do with dumbbells. They are excellent for weight training and bicep curls.


 Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells - which one is better for weight training?


  • Full Body Compound Movements: Kettlebells are designed in a way to encourage you to use your entire body during an exercise session. It helps to improve strength, increases power, and to build more muscle. However, remember to stick to the dumbbell if you want to isolate any specific muscle in your training.
  • Beginner Friendly: Kettlebells are ideal for both experienced athletes and beginners. You will notice more core strength and balance when you work out with it since the weight is unevenly distributed. On the other hand, the weight is evenly distributed and stable with dumbbells.
  • Purpose Built: Again, the purpose of a dumbbell is to help you isolate and target specific muscles. If you’re looking to lose weight and go for an all-around toned body, you should opt for a kettlebell.


Difference between Kettlebells and Dumbbells


Handle: The handles on kettlebells are smooth, but the handles of dumbbells have friction. Therefore, kettlebells are said to be ideal for intenser workouts without putting too much strain on your hands.


Weight: When you grab a kettlebell, you will realize the weight is unbalanced. On the other hand, dumbbells are balanced when it comes to weight.


Variety of Exercises: You can train with a kettlebell in numerous ways, which is not the case with dumbbells. All of this is made possible due to the curve and overall design it has. You can challenge yourself every day and try new and unique exercises with a kettlebell that utilize your entire body.

Wrapping It Up


When it comes down to it, experts recommend you should opt for an exercise schedule that uses both dumbbells and kettlebells. Experts say this because both weights offer your body something different to do. You can use kettlebells to tone your entire body (using your legs, back, and arms while doing squats). Kettlebells are great for dynamic movements.


And you can use dumbbells to isolate and target specific muscle groups. Dumbbells are great for increasing strength in your biceps and triceps. But if you, as a fitness enthusiast, want to choose between them for weight training, then working out with dumbbells is the best choice.

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