the do’s and don’ts of resistance band training


You might have already come across paths with resistance band during your journey of fitness. Although, they look like they are only simple gym equipment, they have a lot of benefits. If you are unaware of how resistance bands work, let us tell you how they do.

How do resistance bands work?

An expert has said that resistance bands work with the help of adding an external resistance force which can be very easily applied without the need of holding any extra weight. Resistance bands are quite flat and can be found in sizes from thin to thick.

When resistance bands are in place, you can push, curl, pull all against the resistance of the rubber.

The do’s of resistance band training

  • You can use resistance bands for rehabilitative as well as therapy exercises. One fact about resistance band is that their resistance is at the peak at the time when you are at your weakest. When the resistance band is in elongated position it is quite difficult to move it.
  • You can use resistance bands as a great help to break through the plateaus. If you are finding it difficult to perform pull ups, you can loop the super band to the pull up bar and then use your foot to put through the loop. This will help you in the movement which would otherwise had been impossible.
  • Apart from this, band resistance can also be used to improve your squat and your bench press. The bands do not just provide strength but also produce such force which helps you perform your action quickly.
  • You can also use resistance bands as the alternative form of cardio as a warmup. This is because they offer portable and simple form of resistance.
  • You can use sports cords because they are the best warm up tool. This is because sport cords allow you to perform mimic movements which you are doing in your program involving pull downs, presses and rows. This improves the blood flow, increases the temperature of the body as well as stimulates the nervous system.
  • Apart from this, you can also use sport cords for the purpose of core training. There are many options of using sport cords and the best ones are hi low and low hi chops.

The don’ts of resistance band training

  • You should not make use of resistance band training as a great substitute for the real thing. Although they are somewhat like real exercise, they can never replace what it is like in real.
  • Do not get too much creative. Some people do complicated martial arts as well as dance numbers. Although it does look very nice and impressive you should not waste your time on this. So, make sure you do not get too much creative.
  • Make sure you do not get too much carried away. If you will make use of resistance bands in the proper manner, they are an excellent tool. However, it does not mean that you should use them in every exercise you do. Focus on the basics first, this should be your priority. Resistance band are there to help you squat and deadlift and not to replace them fully.


So, these were the do’s and don’ts of resistance band training. Make sure that you have a good look at these do’s and don’ts mentioned above so that you can follow the correct pattern of exercising.

One of the most important things that everyone has to remember and make sure is that, replacing real exercise with band training should never be your objective. What is real is real, and there is no changing it.


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