The Least Known Isolation Exercises That Work

The Least Known Isolation Exercises That Work - Fitness Health

 The Least Known Isolation Exercises That Work

What are isolation exercises?

Well if you happen to be someone who spends their time in the gym doing weight training, then you must be aware of the fact that there are some different types of exercises which you can include in your workout schedule. One of these different exercises includes isolation exercises.

So, what are isolation exercises? Isolation exercises are exercises which require you to move only one joint and muscle group while you are working out. These exercises are extremely helpful when you are suffering from some kind of muscular imbalance or some sort of an injury. They are also beneficial if you are a bodybuilder and are working on a particular muscle group in order to gain bigger muscles.

Now targeting particular muscles in order to increase your muscle mass and to get bigger muscles can be quite difficult. However, it is not impossible. With the help of some isolation exercises you can surely manage to achieve your required target. But the question is which isolation exercises should one opt for?

The first exercise that you can opt for is the one arm row exercise. This helps in targeting the lats and helps in strengthening the biceps because a lot of bicep work is also involved. If you wish to lift heavy weights and do some other back exercises then it is essential that have strong biceps.

Chest press and overhead presses are exercises which allow you to strengthen your triceps so that you can lift heavier weights easily.

Least known isolation exercises

While these are some common exercises out there, here are a couple of least known isolation exercises that actually work.

  • Straight-arm pulldowns

Straight-arm pulldowns are exercises that you should definitely be doing for strength. With straight-arm pulldowns, you can get a full range of motion. All you need to do is grab the triceps ropes in such a way that both your palms face each other and then pull the rope down to your hips. As you spread the rope you’ll notice that you can move your hands along your body and this allows you to get a full range of motion.

  • Using a pull-up bar

You can also opt for a straight-arm pulling movement instead while hanging from a pull-up bar. This is preferred by many people over straight-arm pulldowns as these allow one to get prepared for front levers as well. Plus, the arm pulling movement can be felt throughout the lats (Latissimus dorsi muscle group).

  • The Pullovers

Now, if you do not have access to a pulldown machine, then have no worries because you can opt for pullovers instead. These will also allow you to get a full range of motion too.

  • External Rotations

If you are suffering from some problematic shoulders then external rotations are the best option for you. These will surely help fix all of your shoulder issues. There are many different types of external rotation exercises that are available. However, the most preferred ones are the cable external rotations as the resistance they provide is constant which makes them easier to do.

  • Landmine Presses

Landmine presses are other exercises which are great for all those people who have problematic shoulders. 

  • Brachialis Curls

The Brachialis Curls are one of those isolation exercises that will really help in thickening up your arms within a few months. This exercise is pretty similar to overhead curls.

  • Leg Lifts

You can also go leg lifts. It involves you moving the joint of the hip and focusing on making your outer thigh stronger.

Give these least known isolation exercises that work a try. They’ll prove to be very beneficial for your body.








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