Too Lazy to go to the gym ? Here's a perfect solution

Too Lazy to go to the gym ? Here's a perfect solution - Fitness Health




The gym is an extremely sensitive topic for some people; as it is their priority but because of this super hectic life becomes inferiority. The main excuse that most people come up with is that ‘they don’t have time!’ and well, this excuse is relevant to some extent. Going to the gym, exercising and then coming back, freshening up takes almost an hour or so, and most people cannot spare that much time every day. This is one of the major reasons why people just eliminate this important aspect of their life. But what if we tell you that you can achieve your perfect body goals without the need to drive to the gym? No, we are not going to give you any charm or incantation, but we will tell you the perfect hacks which allow you to work out from the comfort of your own home!

We have gathered some best advice from the top experts in the world that allow you to get in shape, strengthen and tone your body. You need to follow these tips regularly, and a significant change will be apparent very soon.
The basic advice of these experts is to turn your everyday chores into a calorie-burning workout session. Look around your house what are some of the things that can help you get fit? The stairs, some chairs, a couple of water bottles and a floor slider would do the trick, trust us. Let us get into it now and see how is this possible.

If you are aiming to increase your upper body strength and to get your core in shape, then the floor sliders can help you with that. They can be used to do some very intense and challenging exercises; all you need to do is wear a sock on one foot and let the other one stay bare. Slide the leg with the sock to the side, in front or behind the body and thrust with the bare, stationary leg. In order to have a firm balance, it is essential to strengthen your legs. If you want to attain trunk solidity, you can wear socks on both feet and try maintaining a plank position.

Stairs are great to do some cardiovascular workout. Running up and down the stairs for around 30 minutes can allow you to burn as much as 286 calories. Stairs can also be used for upper leg strength; use your stairs as step-ups. Start by taking the first step with your right foot followed by the left and then repeat this process 20 times. It is important that you use your entire foot and not just the ball to avoid injuries.

The chair can be a great tool to work on your triceps. Stand in the front with your back up, and your hips lowered to the ground. Place your hands on either side of the seat and repeat this 15-20 times.

If you want to work on your biceps, shoulder presses or total conditioning, you can bring those full-size gallon bottles to use. Hold them in both of your hands, and they can compensate for dumbbells. These can also be used as an additional hindrance while squatting.

The kitchen takes up most of the time when we talk about chores so why don’t make that time some extra productive? Position yourself 3 feet in front of the counter and place your hands on the counter about a width apart keeping your legs straight. Tighten the abs and keep the body straight bending the elbow lower the body and then slowly push back. Repeat this process about 15 times as this will provide great upper body strength.

Try indulging in these easy everyday workouts that will help you achieve your desired body goals within no time. The three things required by you are consistency, dedication, and diligence.









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