Top 3 workouts for weight loss

Top 3 workouts for weight loss - Fitness Health


We are all aware of the fact that exercising is extremely essential for our health. It becomes more important and necessary when you wish to lose weight. Exercising means the movement which makes the muscles work and then in return burns the calories of your body. There are lots of physical activities for instance jogging, swimming, dancing, walking and running.

There are many benefits of exercising and being physically active as well as mentally. In some cases, it is also reported that exercising can also help you to live a longer life.

Studies report that being inactive can cause obesity as well as weight gain issues. Our body makes use of energy by three ways, digesting food, exercising and other functions like breathing and heartbeat.

Exercising increases the rate of metabolism which helps to burn calories as well as contribute to weight loss. You can do aerobic exercise as well as training and it can maximise the weight loss.

How to begin your weight loss session?

If you wish to lose weight you will need to focus upon a few things except for exercising. For instance, you need to put a look upon your food choices and what you eat during the day. Simply exercising and not controlling upon food is not going to make your weight reduce at all.

Apart from this, if you wish to see meaningful results you will have to continuously exercise. You cannot expect to exercise for a few days and hope to lose weight.

You will also need some motivation and push up to do exercising because it really is a big deal specially if you have started to do on a full fledge scale. The best thing will be to find such a workout which is easy for you and where you have entertainment to keep on going.

Top 3 workouts for weight loss

Let us have a look at the top 3 workouts for weight loss:

  • Weight training

Weight training is one of the top and best workouts to reduce your weight. It involves lifting weight to help in the building of muscles and burning fat. Lifting of weights will increase the rate of metabolism which will eventually burn a lot of calories even if you are not working out.

This means that since your muscles will be building up you can go harder in every exercise and get the most out of every workout.

  • Boot camp

In order to increase the rate of metabolism, you can opt for the boot camp workout. This is because in boot camp, interval and resistance training is combined. You can expect to burn a lot of calories in your boot camp workout session. You can start off with the jumping hacks and then go for the windmills. In this, stand with the feet wide apart and then touch your left toe with your right arm and then similarly with the other hand. After that go for the butt kicks and then with the overhead squats to march.

  • Running

Running is the simplest and easiest of all workout options that you can even think off. While there are many other ways to perform your workout and aim for weight loss, running is something you can start off immediately.

For running, you just need to wear a pair of comfy sneakers and gym clothes and you are off. Running forces the legs and glutes which requires a lot of energy and muscle use. It is a fact that running helps in reducing the weight and burns a lot of calories.


So, these were the top 3 workouts for weight loss. You must keep in mind that for weight loss, you should follow a complete diet plan which should be free of carbs. Coupled with exercising and workouts, you will reduce weight in no time soon.


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