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A pedometer is a great motivational tool which is easy to use and reliable way to monitor your progress with every step you take . The device has a small ball bearing inside that moves backwards and forwards with every movement, giving you your step count.

All you have to do is clip the pedometer onto your waistband, above your hip and your ready to start, wear the pedometer all day so that you can monitor your progress and keep a record of your steps every day.

Steps for adults

Average active adults 5000-6000 per day

Walk to weight loss 10,000 steps plus

Swap the car for the pedometer, its a great way to watch yourself develop and save money.


  • Electronic Steps / Distance / Calorie Counter (Pedometer)
  • Pedometer counts walking steps according to waist movement
  • Self-distinguish between walking and jogging and make the according readings
  • User friendly built in belt clip design for wear
  • Large LCD Display for clear result

All orders will be posted the same day if paid before 5 pm your items should be with you the next day. International orders will take longer.


Returns are welcome once the goods are returned within seven days and returned like there are sent. Any refund will be minus postage cost’s.



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