TRX in combat with Resistance Bands; who will be the last one standing?

Living a fit life, only eating nutrients and being on a healthy diet increases beauty, better mood, and helps one’s metabolism grow, which leads to the person being able to achieve better and more achievable goals.

There are several ways through which a proper balanced life can be achieved. A healthy life leads to a healthy mind and body.

However, there are several ways to it. There are numerable exercises through which one can reach the perfect balance. There are little controversies to it, a debate sort of, where people talk about the best way to get one’s balance of a spiritual body and health.

If you are looking for a better life style or are just an amateur fighter and are in a flux, keep on reading the article and find out all the pros and cons of TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise] and Resistance bands. Rea, understand, and do your research; before choosing the one that suits you the best.

One of the most famous work outs of people is suspension training. Suspension training is usually done to build body strength through ropes and tied knots. The exercise goes against body weight, so as to help the trainer use their own weight in their favour.

There is a talk going on; however, that what makes the two equipment different than each other? Are they really that different? If so, then how?

Let’s just dissect the two genres of exercise and analyse their pros and cons for a better view:

TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise]:

TRX is a form of suspension training. TRX is an acronym for suspension based exercise, and is known as Total Body Resistance Exercise.

Fitness does not only mean muscular body and strength, however, it also covers balance and stability. No amount of muscle can protect one live a healthy life or in a hand to hand combat if the fighter does not have any sort of stability or balance in their posture.

TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise] is a complete package, it helps the trainer work out with precision and help them reach the ultimate poise.

Pros of TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise]:

  • The setup is extremely flexible. It can be placed anywhere in or outside of the house.
  • It is a one man army. It takes care of a lot of body strength needs.
  • It works not only on the muscles and strength, but, rather on the constancy and poise of hips and shoulders as well.
  • The routine, itself, is quiet flexible. It works for the pro athletes, and on the new bees as well. For example: if you came across TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise] while trying to work on your balance only, it still is a win-win situation.
  • TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise] teaches body high endurance and increases stamina.

Cons of TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise]:

  • As the set-up is unique it results in the restriction of one’s lower body.
  • Though the tool, itself, is simple; however, it requires a lot of adjustments when switching from level to level.
  • The tool is quite expensive when one is to compare it with other suspension training modules and equipment.
  • It requires/ demands from the trainer to increase and add more exercises into its training; ergo, adding more to the plate than the trainer can handle.

Resistance Bands:

Another way to enjoy and live a healthy life is to exercise through resistance bands which are used for strength training. Though they are most commonly used in cardiac therapy and physical therapy patients.

The first question that generally arises is: what do resistance bands do?

It is all in the name, just as the name suggests, it adds resistance to one’s exercise routine and increases the enduring level of the trainer.

Pros of Resistance bands:

  • The resistance increase the endurance level which tones one’s muscles and increases one’s strength.
  • Resistance bands adds extra support to one’s body while doing push-ups and etc., ergo it helps with the assistance and is not only about resistance.
  • All the pretend stretching that you had to do, now you have an elastic rubber resistance band to help you out with.
  • It is very light weight and a portable multi tasker, you can take it anywhere.
  • It is affordable and suitable from teens to new bees to adults and pro athletes.

Cons of Resistance Bands:

  • It is quite ironic that the resistance bands do not provide sufficient resistance, as per the needs of the individual trainer.
  • Does not provide the body strength that is required by a habitual trainer.
  • Not ideal for large compound muscles movements.

Which one is better, TRX [Total Body Resistance Exercise] or Resistance Bands?

Through the points discussed above, one can really put the two exercise details apart, at the end of the day, it is all about preference. Which exercise attracts you or is preferred by you.


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