Weight lifting for Strength training and Hypertrophy.

Weight lifting for Strength training and Hypertrophy. - Fitness Health

 Weight lifting for Strength training and Hypertrophy.

What do you want a ripped body or an improved strength?

There are two reasons why people usually head out to the gym and lift weights; either they wish to gain strength or either they wish to get their body ripped. You either want to become a powerlifter and be as strong as one or you either want to get your body ripped and want to look like a bodybuilder instead. You might have started your gym experience with exercises that were providing you with both strength and helping you in achieving a structured body. However, as you keen on advancing you must realize that these exercises are just not enough! In order to attain strength or muscle, you need to indulge in specific training workouts instead. Even a common eye can differentiate the difference between the exercises that both powerlifters and bodybuilders opt for. While both lift weights and etc the technique and strategy for both differs. This is where you must understand what you have to do for strength training and for hypertrophy instead.

Firstly, you must understand the terms strength training and hypertrophy.

Strength training is basically when you lift weights and perform resistance exercises so that your muscles can contract this allows you build to increase your body strength, improve your body’s anaerobic endurance and increases the size of your body muscles as well. There are many sports which allow you to gain strength. You can opt for bodybuilding, weightlifting, basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey and etc.

Hypertrophy is basically when your body cells increase in size due to any change in their environment. So when you begin a particular weightlifting program and you start seeing some changes in your body structure; if you’ve gained some muscles and your overall strength has improved, then that is because your body cell adapted themselves to the changes they experienced when you were lifting weights and increased in size. Hypertrophy allows you to gain muscle without gaining any sort of body fat.

Make your body understand.

Now, firstly you must realize whether you are heading to the gym for improved strength or for a structured body the first thing that you must make your body understand is that achieving the set goal is important. The human body is designed in such a way that it searches for ways to survive better and your main task is to make your body understand that if it does not reach the required goal the body will have to suffer!

Training volume is the factor that helps in differentiating between both strength training and hypertrophy. Training volume refers to set and reps that you have to do during your workout. Your workout must consist of both resistance exercises along with weights to lift. And in order to increase your training volume, you must increase the number of exercises that you indulge in as well increase the sets of exercises that you do.

For strength training what you will be doing is that you will reduce the training volume that you are using. This is because you will have to weight heavier lifts instead. So for strength training, you will be using heavier weights while reducing the number of reps that you are performing. And if you do increase the number of reps that you are performing then you must reduce the weight instead. Also after your workout, you must rest for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Your nervous system requires this time for your body to recover.

For hypertrophy, you must use more training volume instead. However, the weights that you’ll be using will be less as compared to what you use when strength training and the number of reps you perform will increase. Also, you will have to rest your body for 2 minutes at least.

These minor changes are what allow people in achieving their goals easily without facing any issues.  





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