Whats the Best ways for PTs to make extra money?

Whats the Best ways for PTs to make extra money? - Fitness Health

The best way for PTs to make extra money

If you are thinking of becoming a personal trainer, it requires a lot of things. The first thing which you will need is clients. However, if you will follow these steps, you can create your own brand and earn yourself a good living.

The majority of personal trainers adopt this profession due to love for sport and fitness. But there are some that adopt this profession in order to earn a good living out of it. The trend of personal trainers is changing, and now more of them are trying to get full term jobs. Follow these steps in order to have a successful journey in the field of fitness.

Do proper market research

The first thing that you should do is to visit popular sites which provide proper information about clients. These sites also compare your city to other cities. One other thing which you should do market research about is the location where people like to do their workout. This is very vital, as you should select a place which is not too crowded and where people of all niches could come. Create a questionnaire or a poll and then select a place where the majority agrees to.

Do a competitive analysis

Make a list of all the competitors in your area and their specific target markets also. For instance, if you are setting up a gym in London, you need to set it up where there is no place to workout nearby. This can save you from competition and fear of loss. Even if you have to face competition, you can find your unique selling point and then see how successful you are.

The next thing which you should do is to do a SWOT analysis in order to find your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This will make you confident and brave enough to have a look at how successful or unsuccessful you are. It will also aware of your competitors and what you need to do in order to improve your image. It is very important to find out solutions in order to grow your business.

Go out of the way

You might come across a few situations where you would feel like that this is not the kind of work you could do. However, in order to beat the competitors, you will have to go above and beyond in order to have a successful business and to make money.

You can also go for some innovative techniques such as providing complimentary training sessions and free sauna visits to the newcomers in your gym. This will encourage more clients to join your gym and create a good image of you.

Offer fitness supplements 

Trainers can often get special deals with supplement companies. If you have a client base of more than 10 customers you can often create accounts with supplement companies. Often they will give you a client code so that your clients can purchase directly from the supplier and you will earn points or money for every order placed.

If you would like to speak to a company like https://rapidstrength.co/ you can email sales@rapidstrength.co

Create your own fitness branded clothing 

This is a great way to promote your brand with the dedicated following you're creating. All you need to do is find a graphic designer, you can use websites like https://www.fiverr.com/  to create your own custom logo and slogans.

Then you can upload the design to an online teeshirt retailer for them to print your branded clothing,  these are two companies operate globally 



You can always use a local smaller supplier too. 

Develop a financial plan

By developing a financial plan you can have a look at your expenses and on the profits that you are earning. You really need to create a financial plan which covers the entire equipment, renovation, computers, insurance, license, and all costs. You should also include the ongoing expenses such as the rent, utilities, payroll, maintaining, cleaning supplies and marketing.

The bottom line

So, these were a few of the best ways that PTs should follow in order to earn money and become successful. However, you need to know that no business is successful from day one and that in order for a business to be successful, it requires a lot of time as well as effort.

You should have a look at these tips, follow them and then continue on with them so that you can find the best way to earn money.


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