10 healthy treats to eat for energy

10 healthy treats to eat for energy


10 healthy treats to eat for energy

Some people find that they start to feel hungry at a certain time every weekday afternoon. They may even go up to five hours without eating anything, which causes their energy levels to drop significantly. Then they will reach for snacks that are high in fat and sugar. Read on to find a list of snacks which are low in both saturated fat and sugar, and will boost your energy levels:


Peanut butter

This may be full of calories but its fibre, fats and protein provide give you more energy, prevent hunger and stabilize your sugar levels. Opt to spread around two tablespoons of this on your toast in the morning instead of jam, and choose a brand with no added sugars.



This contains omega-3 acids, which can help to improve your mood, blood pressure, energy levels and memory. It is also good for your cholesterol and heart, and is full of protein which makes it ideal for people who want to shed weight.



These consist of potassium and fibre, which your muscles need to work properly. They also maintain your energy levels, and this makes them a great snack both before and after exercise. You can also eat them with yoghurt or skimmed milk for a protein-packed breakfast to start your day right.



This is full of fibre and as it takes a while to digest, it will make you feel fuller for longer and give you more energy to get you through the day. It will even maintain your blood-sugar levels, so you’ll still have enough energy and won’t need to drink caffeine.



You can air-pop your own kernels to make plain-flavoured popcorn. If you like, you can add a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil as a topping.



These are high in healthy fats, protein and fibre which make you feel more satisfied for longer. You can eat them at any time to give you energy throughout the day. They also have a low calorie-count, and removing the shell will slow you down so you don’t overeat.


Hard-boiled egg

These are filled with protein and important vitamins that your body needs to generate energy. They are also simple to cook and store for whenever you need them.



Their fibre, magnesium and protein levels will boost your energy, and are often considered a “superfood”. People who don’t consume as much magnesium find their bodies have to work with a greater effort during the day and end up getting tired out quicker.



Berries are a tasty option and are full of fibre. Any type of these can be eaten either on their own or with nuts for an extra dose of protein.


Greek yoghurt

This is packed with protein which makes it ideal either as a snack or as part of a meal. You can even add some toppings to make it more satisfying, such as nuts or fruit. Opt for a fat-free brand with a calorie count of 100.






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