Breathe CO2 and Lose Weight

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 Breathe CO2 and Lose Weight

Obesity is a serious problem affecting numerous people all around the world. Having extra weight will not only make you feel lazy but makes you vulnerable to a lot of health problems too. 

For a number of people out there, losing weight doesn't come easy. Some can't find the energy to go to a gym or start a healthy diet. However, you need to start somewhere if you want to get rid of extra weight.

You might be surprised to hear this, but there is a way you can start losing weight, a way that doesn't require money nor needs you to make much of an effort. Did you know that you can also lose weight through breathing properly?

Research has proved that when a person exhales CO2, burned fat is present in the expelled air. This means that through breathing, and getting rid of carbon dioxide, you're also burning calories.

Here are a few ways to lose weight and more specifically your unwanted belly fat just by exhaling carbon dioxide.

Diaphragm Breathing

This is the most effective breathing exercise for losing weight gradually.  Making your breathing deeper, your abdominal muscles become flexible. So what you have to do to lose weight is to engage your diaphragm for increasing the capacity of your lungs.

This is one of the simplest methods when it comes to losing weight or fat. All you need to do is breathe properly. This exercise is specially targeted towards toning the abs.


To do this, lie down on your back. Start observing your chest and stomach move up and down while you breathe. To continue, make your breaths become deeper for each series of inhaling and exhaling.  You can carry this exercise out at any time of the day. If you do this for 15 minutes a day you'll start noticing a positive change.


Shining the Skull Breathing

This is another breathing exercise you can do to lose weight. To start thing, sit in a comfortable position and inhale deeply. Now, hold your stomach muscles inwards while you exhale. Repeat the same cycle for 30 seconds and then breath normally for 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Stimulating Breathing Exercise

This is another exercise you can perform to cut down unwanted weight. For this, you'll need to sit straight in a comfortable chair. Remember to keep your mouth closed.  Now relax and start counting numbers as long as you're able to at a fast pace. This breathing exercise exerts pressure on your abdomen, chest, and lungs. Do this for 15 minutes daily for effective results.

Belly Breathing

This breathing exercise is done during numerous yoga routines. It focuses on the diaphragm and your lungs. It's recommended that you should make this kind of breathing feel normal for yourself.  You can perform such kind of breathing while sitting down, lying on your back, or while standing.

Your first important step is to allow your mind to calm down. Put your hand on your stomach, thumb near the belly button, and breathe deeply.  Also, allow your abdomen to expand. Now exhale and repeat.


Flying stomach lock

This exercise is also called uddiyana bandha. This is an advanced technique to burn belly fat fast. But it is limited to experienced students of pranayama.

Start by sitting, pull your stomach in and relax. You should feel a sensation of hollowness in this area. Continue exhaling in the same posture and move your chin towards your chest. Practice this position for 15 seconds and relax for a few minutes by breathing normally.


So, now you know how you can breathe CO2 to lose weight for a healthier body and mind. Start including these breathing exercises in your daily routine.


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