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The Truth: We’re living longer, but the wrinkles are coming early. So, is our food making us aging before actual time? The answer may surprise you. There have been several studies where the positive correlation between ageing and the diet we choose was significantly highlighted. According to Mr.Ostad of the American Academy of Dermatology; what we eat affects our skin, which is why a persistent poor diet can accelerate the ageing process. The Culprits Behind The Early Aging: When we talk about the food items that make us look like we’re forty when we’re just twenty-seven, we’re talking about the...

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 The risks that come with unprotected sun exposure are widely known with people knowing that it leads to problems such as skin cancer, eye damage, freckles, wrinkles, and sunburn. With plentiful research done on the risk of sun exposure, it can’t be denied that the sun is, in most cases, bad for health. But do you know, getting sufficient exposure to sunlight is not only beneficial but is necessary as well? Why do you need sunlight? Following are the reasons why you need enough sunlight. Keeps you happy Sunlight can trigger the release of particular hormones in the brain....

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Are you curious and interested to know more about your personal sleeping habits? Ever wondered whether you are getting a balanced, healthy, full night’s peaceful sleep? With personal sleep tracking, there is no need for you to be kept in the dark anymore. Although it is a fairly new technology, with the looks of it and the number of benefits that it offers, it is pretty likely to stay. Inherent curiosity about one’s self, increasing awareness about sleep and its effects on health, and several other factors have contributed to a rise in sleep monitoring technology. Issues related to Sleep...

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When you're in love with someone, everything seems great; you feel like nothing could ever go wrong. However no relationship is perfect, every relationship experiences is, and downs and what matters is how you tackle these hardships together. The key to a happy and successful relationship is understanding each other. Every link goes through a tough time however if you think rationally and think before you speak you could prevent things from going out of hand. Remember words said in the heat of the moment can have an everlasting effect even if you didn't mean what you said. For every...

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  Sometimes you might feel sad and lonely, but understand that feeling such emotions is entirely alright. Unlike what the society has to say, feeling sad and showing that you’re sad does not mean that you’re weak. If you keep your sadness and anger bottled up, you’ll end up exploding because of all this emotion. Everyone has both good and bad days; nobody is happy all the time. You’re a human; you’re bound to experience these emotions, one day you’ll ecstatic, and the next day you’ll feel down. It might be a little difficult o accepts but it is true....

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