Struggling To Stay Vegan?

Struggling To Stay Vegan? - Fitness Health

Here Are Some Ideas To Keep You Motivated

A vegan lifestyle is important for an individual's wellness and health, but in a world that offers foods like chicken wings, pizza, mozzarella sticks, beef steaks and bacon, vegans find it tough to stay motivated on a 100% vegetarian diet.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your major priority, so do not neglect it and pay attention to your health. You need to make sure that you are on the right track to achieve healthy lifestyle goals

Vegan living is not as hard as it seems, however, there are instances especially for those who have freshly taken on a plant-based diet, when it may appear to be difficult. If you are a transitioning vegan who is afraid to fall back to being a meat eater, take a look at the tips below to stay vegan in this non-vegan world.

  1. Remind Yourself Again And Why You Adopted A Vegan Lifestyle In The First Place

If you have already decided that you will not consume animal-based products, you need to stay true to your decision. Remember that what made you go vegan? What is your health goal? Was it for the sake of animals? Was it because you were worried about the environmental effects of factory farming and meat industries? Remember what motivated you to take this step. Close your eyes and think back to in what condition you were and what triggered you to go vegan. That cheese pizza or lamb ribs do not seem so tempting now, doesn’t it?

Keep reminding yourself time and again as this will help you remain dedicated to your plan of becoming a vegan and staying a vegan. Furthermore, it will also lend a hand with your connections with your friends and family who will be inquisitive about this choice.


  1. Make The Right Choices.

Nowadays, eating out is not problematic since many restaurants offer vegan meals. However, you will inescapably find yourself to be in complex situations more often. In such circumstances, make the right choices. For instance, you are out shopping, and you suddenly feel hungry, do not grab a packet of chips or a bar of chocolate, look for nuts, pretzels, fresh fruits or dairy-free items. If you have been invited to a party and are uncertain that there won’t be any vegan meals for you, you should eat a meal before you go there. When going to a social gathering with your meat-eating friends and family, you can prepare a delicious vegan dish that everyone can try out.

  1. Be Well Informed

Once you decide to go vegan, your meat-loving friends and family become experts in nutrition. They start talking you out of vegan dieting and raise questions like, ‘where do you get your protein and B12 from?’ If you are well informed you will know that soy foods and beans are filled with protein, sesame seeds and green leafy veggies are rich in calcium and quinoa and blackstrap molasses are packed with iron. It is important for you to stay up to date and well-versed in order to answer back to all of the unwanted advice.

To stay updated and gain knowledge about vegan living, visit the certain vegan way of live blogs and read them every day. Also, search for delicious and innovative vegan recipes, so you don’t get bored of eating plain fruits and vegetables.


  1. Find Vegan Fellows Like Yourself

Look out for other vegans. Contact the vegetarians you already know and let them know about your decision on becoming a vegan and would love to hang out with them over some healthy veg food. If you don’t know any vegans around you, you can follow the online vegan blogging group; it welcomes you whole-heartedly.



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