Want to eat clean but are on a budget? Or do you want to limit the amount you spend on food and purchase other things instead? This is the article for you! Below are 8 food items to eat that are healthy, while spending less:

  1. FRUITS & VEGETABLES: A range of foods exists that is not only super delicious and healthy but also costs very less compared to other processed food items. Vegetables and fruits top the list as they are filling and are cheap compared to other processed products available. The health benefits are many and having a combination of fruits and vegetables helps you suppress hunger resulting in any individual, eating less of other foods that aren’t healthy. Saves upon the amount spent on meals and prevents you from buying other foods that are expensive and unhealthy.
  2. BROWN RICE: We all know how rice makes you feel full easily and a healthier option like brown rice exists, so why not have that? Brown rice is rice that hasn’t been polished, and the husk adds more fibre to your meal and reduces intake of chemicals as compared to polished rice. So, brown rice is an ideal option for a meal as it is cheap, a small amount fills you up and helps you feel content. Most importantly, it can be seasoned in many, different ways to make it enjoyable.
  3. WHOLE WHEAT/MULTIGRAIN PASTA OR BREAD: Again, whole wheat has lots of fibre and nutrients and so does pasta or bread made out of it. Multigrain is even better as it has the added nutrition of many grains together. Whatever you pick, there’s no denying that pasta and bread are yummy and fulfilling and is nice to your pocket!
  4. EGGS: Eggs are definitely a cheaper option and are readily available. The best part is, you can half fry or full fry in vegetable oil, boil it, scramble it or make an omelet. Add vegetables on the side, and a bit of meat and you’re good to go! A full meal is ready that contains a lot of protein plus a load of nutrients and will help you feel full longer and suppress cravings throughout the day.
  5. GREEK YOGURT: Low fat, unsweetened yogurt is a great addition to any meal. Top it with fruits and vegetables for a yummy snack that is not pricey and is super easy to prepare. It contains a low amount of fat and provides a lot of good bacteria to the digestive system. So, keep your tummy healthy and happy on a budget!
  6. OATS: Oats are cheap and readily available. You can make oat porridge out of it with milk or without and both will only be delicious and fulfilling. Top with veggies and seasoning for added taste and nutrition! A complete healthy meal that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve starved and provides you with tons of nutrients that packaged foods never can.
  7. BEANS, LENTILS & LEGUMES: Loaded with huge amounts of essential nutrients, they have a variety of types to choose from. Most importantly, an array of dishes can be prepared using them including toasting them, making porridges or simply boiling them. Best part, so very cheap!
  8. MILK: A glass of milk provides you with lots of protein and nutrients and can be taken as a breakfast or lunch meal with some healthy side dish. Due to being fluid, it will prevent you from feeling hungry too soon. Milk is easily available and is not costly at all and can be bought fat-free or full fat based on your choice.

So, eat clean while spending less and shut those up that think that eating healthy is only for the rich!

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