bingo wing exercise burner

 Bingo wings holding you back from looking great, get rid of the wings and fly away. A bingo wing referred to the flabby area located on the back of the upper arm, these wings can be very common with elderly or people  whom have lost a considerable amount of weigh . The good news is that these flabby wings can be removed with a resistance band exercises. All you need is a resistance band,  a little effort and you can wave goodbye to the flabby wings. Underneath we have put together a few easy exercises to burn the bingos away. 



Triceps double arm over head extensions –

intermediate Muscles;Triceps, shoulders & biceps

1. Stand straight up both feet on the cord. Hold in each handle palms facing each other behind the head. Bend with elbows.

2. Nicely controlled Straighten your arms and extend towards the sky, as far as you can reach.Bend elbows back to start position, Repeat this slowly.Make sure when you standing on the cord that it’s centre level of foot , good footwear is required when standing on cord.




Reverse Bicep Curl- all levels

Muscles; Biceps

1.Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees relaxed.Grasp foam handles with your hands keep at the side of hips.

2.Bend at your elbows, keep in line with body position bring towards chest pause momentarily at this top position.



Frontal arm raises
Muscles; Shoulders, triceps & biceps
1. Stand and hold both handles in one hand, keeping yourarms straight. Knees bent.
2. With your straighten arm arms and raise the handlesslowly to shoulder height. Return to starting position slowly

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