Exercise Resistance Band Fitness History

Resistance band exercise training was first created in early 1900s, the first resistance bands were made from surgical tubing. Later in the 1900s these exercise bands were mostly used for body and muscle rehabilitation purposes. Resistance bands made a big come back to the fitness market in the mid 1990s and were mostly used by physiotherapists with they’re clients. During the last four years resistance bands have become global fitness tools.

This new form of training became fastly popular with fitness professionals, resistance bands were the low cost alternative from expensive and heavy weight training equipment. The bands brought a new freedom to fitness, being flexible, light and easy to carry meant that people could travel easy with the bands. These were the first outdoor training tools aimed for total body fitness.

Today the resistance bands have come a long way in the development of resistance band training. Not only have they change in style, but also their are so many different strengths, sizes and shapes. Resistance bands are used for rehab, kinetic and plyometric training, also helping fitness, strength, power and flexiablitiy increase. A huge amount of benefits can be gained and obtained from this  small piece of fitness equipment.


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