resistance band training 10 minute arms and shoulder routine

This is a 10 minute basic workout session for resistance band training. I recommend first you warm up with some simple exercises such like jog on the spot for a few minutes before training. I rested between sets for roughly 30 seconds, you can break longer if needed. This session will be testing and will challenge your cardio fitness levels. I recommend that you exercise with a lower weight band to start with  , if you're using the FH Pro resistance band set I would recommend blue 16 lbs resistance to start out then increase resistance when you can complete the routine with ease. The video below demonstrates one set of repetitions.

Bicep Curls 

Frontal Raises 

Resistance band shoulder exercise frontal Raises.

Reverse Curls 

Reverse curl focuses on working the tricep muscle 

Lateral Raises

This video will provide basic instructions for frontal and lateral raises 



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