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  This Resistance Band Reverse Fly Exercise Shoulder Upper Body Exercise is very good for strengthening the upper arm and back muscles. These groups of muscles are triceps and traps.  Just remember the start position is arms fully stretched out in front of body with. Try to keep the arms as straight as possible throughout this exercise. I find its always easier to use a lower weight band for this exercise and maintain a controlled movement throughout the exercise. Remember Keep a slight bend at the knees and feet in line with shoulders. Keep arms in same position during exercise.Fitness health...

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Fitness Health presents Resistance band training with Rene. In this video you will find a mixture of demonstrated using the flat resistance band, exercises that  focusing on workout both upper and lower body muscles. This is a basic 3 minute workout ideal for home training. If you want to increase the resistance you can add another band into the workout so that your using 2 bands instead of 1, alternatively just buy an heavier resistance band.  Please make sure you check the band before exercising, always check for any tears or holes in the band that will reduce the weakness. ...

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  Resistance band upper body training with the exercise resistance bands. This video provides a basic exercise information for shoulder and arm muscles movements. We strongly recommend that you warm up before exercising.  This workout was complete three times with ten repetitions of each exercise.  This will target the upper arm muscles, upper back and shoulder muscles. Great exercise workout to target the flabby bits on upper arms. Start with using a lower strength resistance band when you first start, then gradually increase the band strength when the exercise session becomes too easy.       

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