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Burning fat whilst running - Fitness Health

Running is one of the best exercises for burning fat. On average it burns more calories per minute than any other cardio exercise with running, the heavier you weigh the more calories you burn! For the average Joe running at 5 mph (12 miles per minute) you will burn 472 kcal per hour. When running try finding different surfaces and inclines.

Uphill running is one of the best methods we can use to burn fat faster.

Hill running helps develop strong stamina whilst building leg muscles fast, helping you gain more muscle you and burn more calories. Hill running is a form of interval training.

Interval training is essential for muscle development, and important method for calorie and fat burning. Completing interval training will deliver some of the best qualities needed for competition  making you faster, leaner  and stronger quicker. It’s been proven that interval training can burn more than nine times more fat than normal cardiovascular training. Interval training don’t think it is some kind of scary confusing fitness routine it’s really quite a simple form of training. Aiming to increase your fitness with a series of training stages combining low- high intestiny exercise workouts with different rest periods and levels. Interval training changing stages. Running 100- 800 meter distances .

  1. 300 meters - 1 minute rest
  2. 200 meters- 30 seconds rest
  3. 400 meters - 3 minutes rest
  4. 700 meters - 2 minutes rest
  5. 100 meters 1 minutes rest
Sprint training; often trees are easy to use as markers when training in the par, normally spaced out 25 meters you can use these tree's as markers. Using the space between the trees  use this distance to run back and fourth (25m sprints).
  1. Sprint 25 metres x 1
  2. Run normal speed 50 metres x 2
  3. Jog 200 metres x 8
  4. Walk fast 100 metres x 4
  5. Sprint 50 metres x 2
  6. Jog 50 metres x 2
  7. Walk 100 metres x 4
This is a basic interval training plan. • Change surface: uphill – downhill – sand – grass- road – uphill road – downhill grass Change altitude - mountain running: Altitude training has shown more benefits with calorie intake reduction: in a recent study from Munich University show calorie intake was reduced by 730 calories when men adopted a hill training program.
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