10 Tips of Recovery After a 10K Run

10 Tips of Recovery After a 10K Run


Running a 10K is a great way to stay in shape while satisfying your inner competitor at the same time. And while a lot of training in necessary to get you to the big event in prime condition, how you take care of your body afterword is just as important to your total health and wellness.

Therefore, here are 10 tips for helping your body better heal at the conclusion of your run:

#1: Make sure you walk a bit after you cross the finish line to give your body and your heart time to slow down and return to normal levels.

#2: Rehydrate by drinking lots of water at the conclusion of your run (just make sure you do it slowly so you don’t upset your stomach). You may also want to consume sports drinks that contain electrolytes and sodium to rebalance your body’s levels of these important nutrients.

#3: Eat some type of protein to help your muscles heal and replenish some of your energy.

#4: Get a full body massage to help your body and your mind relax, not to mention that it gives you something to look forward to when you are mid-run and your motivation is lagging.

#5: Stretch your muscles to keep them from tightening up, as well as to potentially reduce post-race soreness.

#6: Ice baths that are enjoyed after a big race can sometimes help reduce soreness as well.

#7: Resist the urge to spend the next day on the couch, as continued movement can help your body’s sore muscles heal.

#8: Ease back into your workouts so that you don’t damage your muscles after subjecting them to a long race like a 10K.

#9: Immediately take care of any injuries you may have from race day, such as blisters, rashes, or chaffing.

#10: Listen to your body. Pay attention what it is telling you and you’ll find recovery much easier.

What have you done after a 10K to help you recover? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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