5 Completely Avoidable Marathon Preparation Mistakes

5 Completely Avoidable Marathon Preparation Mistakes


Training for a marathon takes a lot of time and energy. It also takes following certain routines and specific plans. And even though these are generally laid out in great detail, mistakes can be and often are made, potentially affecting your success on race day.

With that thought in mind, here are five marathon prep mistakes that you’ll want to avoid as you get ready for your next 42 kilometer race:

Not giving yourself enough training time. If you are already in pretty decent shape, you may be inclined to think that you don’t need much training time. However, building the stamina and endurance necessary to seriously compete in this type of event takes time. So, give yourself at least six months to get your body used to such long stints of exercise.

Not varying the length of training runs. While it may seem like the best way to train for a marathon is to set out to run as much as you can, this can quickly overwhelm your body and increases your risk of overtraining injuries. Instead, vary your training runs, alternating shorter runs with longer ones so your body can better adjust.

Not tending to your nutritional needs. In order to operate at maximal levels, your body needs the right vitamins and minerals. This means eating a lot of veggies and fruit for their nutrients, consuming lean protein for muscle stamina and energy, and taking in enough complex carbs to properly fuel you for the race.

Not staying hydrated enough. Your body relies on water for everything from blood circulation to food digestion to energy production. Therefore, you want to make sure you drink often to get the fluids it needs to function in top form.

Not setting up recovery-based post-race activities. Because your mind may be solely on the marathon that lies ahead, you may forget to set up post-race activities that are designed to help you recover more efficiently. This includes sports massages, stretching sessions, and energy replacement via carbs and protein.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, what are some preparation mistakes that you’ve made? Share them below to help others avoid making them too!

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