What is Speed Fitness?

If you’re involved in sports of any kind, then you know the importance of being fast. Whether you’re engaged in a game of tennis with your partner, or you’re playing professional football, your ability to act quickly and move swiftly may mean the difference between making the winning point and admitting defeat. Fortunately, speed fitness can help. 

Speed Fitness Defined

Speed fitness is more than being able to outrun your competitors, although that is part of it as most sports require some form of hustle. In order to be considered fit in regard to speed, this also involves your ability to go from standing still to moving quickly, as well as being able to maintain your speed long enough to do whatever it is you need to do on the field or court.

Some sports that benefit from having a high speed fitness level are cycling, speed skating, and swimming, just to name afew. All of these require you to start at the word “go,” move as fast as you can for the time allotted, and maintain your speed until you reach your finish line.

Speed Fitness Training

There are many ways to improve your speed fitness, making implementing them in your current fitness routine crucial to maximizing your output. Some of the best ways to do this include setting up and navigating a series of hurdles or cones, using a resistance parachute that matches your particular fitness level or a resistor harness, utilizing a speed ladder, or training with resistance bands.

All of these options will help you improve your speed and agility when you make them a regular part of your training regimen. For a complete list of the items that I offer in this specific area to help you reach your speed fitness goals, feel free to visit my Speed Training product page.

What items do you like to use to enhance your speed fitness?


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