Meal replacement proteins For Athletes looking to put on weight before pre-season starts

Meal replacement proteins For Athletes looking to put on weight before pre-season starts - Fitness Health


Struggling to gain weight can be a very difficult issue for some athletes and the fitness and health community does not pay a lot of attention to gaining weight because more people are trying to lose weight.

Being a hardgainer is very hard because no matter how tough you work-out is you still remain skinny. Even though for some people getting the perfect physique is very easy, but for most, it requires a lot of hard work in achieving it.

If you’re a hardgainer and you need to put on weight before pre-season starts then you will not only have to eat a lot but also rely on protein supplements and carbs. Researchers claim that a starting point for hard gainers would require them to consume around 22 calories per pound of their body weight per day.

An example of this would be that if you weigh 150lbs, then you must consume around 3300 calories per day. However sometimes three square meal is just not enough and to make your weight go over the top you will have to rely on finding good quality food supplement to gain weight. One such thing that athletes and other professionals rely on is meal replacement protein.

What Are Meal Replacement Protein?

Meal replacement proteins are often thought of for losing weight but what most people don’t know is these protein supplements can be used for gaining weight as well.

High-calorie meal replacements such as bars and shakes can help those hardgainers who are struggling to gain weight or meet their daily caloric needs.

The main difference between these meal replacement proteins and protein powders is that MRP’s contain around 200-500 calories along with additional carbs, fats, and micronutrients. These meal replacements also contain around 6 grams or even more fiber that protein powders lack in.

The consistency of these meal replacements is thicker that helps to keep you satiated throughout your day and in turn, also helps you to gain weight and get the body you desire.

Some good meal replacement proteins for weight gaining include:

  • Resource 2.0

This is a ready to drink nutritional supplement that is produced by Nestle Nutrition. This is a protein and calorie dense drink that is perfect for those looking for a lactose and gluten free diet with low-residue. It can also be used by people who are on a kosher diet. An 8-ounce of serving can give you 480 calories with 21 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein which is great for athletes wanting to gain weight.

  • Med PASS 2.0

This is another MRP and is a ready-to-drink supplement. This supplement is manufactured by Hormel Health Labs and contains 480 calories with 20 grams of protein and 19 grams of fat in an 8-ounce serving. This drink comes in various flavors including vanilla, butter pecan, wild berry and no-sugar-added vanilla as well. This drink is also gluten and lactose free and ideal for kosher diet.

  • Mighty Shake

Might Shakes are also produced by Hormel Health Labs but are small and 4 ounce supplements. These frozen meal replacers provide you with 200 calories along with 6 grams of proteins and 6 grams of fat. It comes in flavors including strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

  • BOOST Plus

BOOST Plus, as the name suggest, helps in giving you a boost. This supplement is an 8-ounce serving and provides you with 360 calories, 14 grams of proteins and 14 grams of fat. It is ideal for lactose and gluten intolerant athletes; if you are looking for flavors then you can get this supplement in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

  • Ensure Plus

The last meal replacement protein on the list is Ensure Plus. This supplement is available in 5 flavors; vanilla, milk chocolate, strawberry, dark chocolate and butter pecan. With this supplement you can get 350 calories, 13 grams protein, 11 grams of fat and additional 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Ensure is a gluten free product and great for gaining mass as well.




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