thoracic bridge exercise and why it is important to do before lifting weights

The word thoracic means “Of the thorax” which refers to the region of the body between neck and abdomen and therefore, helps in strengthening this region especially the spine. The thoracic bridge exercises are basically stretching exercises which help in improving the posture to a great extent.


The thoracic bridge exercises have many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The thoracic bridge exercise is very helpful for people who have deskbound jobs. Because of sitting in front of the computers for long hours their backs stiffen, and they experience lower back pain also. The bridge exercises provide relief from all these symptoms.


  • This exercise is extremely beneficial for the spinal health and helps in maintenance of spinal strength.


  • It provides mobility and flexibility and more importantly, does not require any special equipment.


  • It helps in improving and maintaining balance.


  • The bridge exercise is highly effective for athletes and helps in improving their performance.


  • It helps in stimulation of abdominal organs.


  • It is also said to reduce anxiety and stress and provides relief.



Following are some bridge exercises that are very useful for strengthening the back and improving posture:

The Hip Bridge Exercise

This exercise helps target the glutes and the hamstrings. It also strengthens the spinal cord and relieves back pain. It basically works by raising the hips from the surface and forming a bridge position keeping the knees and thighs parallel.

Single Leg Bridges

This exercise is effective for glutes and also targets the lower back specifically relieving pain and any such symptom.

Reverse Bridge

This exercise targets the lower back, abs, glutes, triceps, and shoulders. It basically strengthens the core and improves posture.

Weighted Bridge

This exercise as the name suggests is carried out by keeping weight on the abdomen and targets the glutes, abs and lower back. This is an amazing exercise for building strength.


Even if you go to the gym daily, you might be spending too much time sitting because of a deskbound job. This results in a bad posture, a hunched back, slouched shoulders and very limited action of glutes. All these can increase the chances of getting injured when you enter the gym for weightlifting and also make your workout less effective. Therefore, it is important to do some thoracic bridge exercises before actually beginning the weightlifting process.

The thoracic bridge exercise provides mobility and stretches the body. It increases the extensibility of the spine, helps in expansion of the chest and also helps in glute activation. Incorporating some thoracic bridge exercises in the warmup session will be highly beneficial especially if the core exercises include weight lifting.

The bridge exercises are highly effective for weightlifters because they strengthen the core. They help in correcting any muscle imbalances and specifically make the back stronger. Thus, minimizing the chances of any spinal injury in case of weightlifting. And also, a strengthened back has fewer chances of experiencing pains.


The above discussion sheds light on the benefits of thoracic bridge exercises and discusses how they save the spine from injuries, strengthen the back and are really helpful for improving the posture. Also, these exercises are essential for weight lifters as they make the back stronger. Knowing so many benefits, I hope you will definitely include some bridge exercises in your daily routine, and then you will be moving around with an improved posture within no time. Good luck!

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