10 Benefits Of Stretch Bands

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 10 Benefits Of Stretch Bands

Stretch bands are mostly used by those people who prefer exercising at homes or who like taking their work-out equipment everywhere they go. But this is not where their importance ends! There is much more to them in terms of convenience, versatility, safety, and effectiveness. The more that you get to know about the advantages that they have to offer, the more tempted you would be to make them a part of your home gym!

These stretch bands are simple and inexpensive tools and suit people of all age groups and all fitness levels. Their simplicity does not in any way define their effectiveness because they are amazingly useful and sometimes even offer a lot of benefits over the traditional free weights.

Listed below are some of the benefits of stretch bands:

  1. Cost-effective
    Be it one piece or a complete set of these; they are always a very cost-effective addition to your gym. Some of them are even available with a DVD guide within the same package.
  2. Adapt Easily
    Stretch bands come in various resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy). You can always adjust the amount of resistance while exercising just by giving more or less slack on the stretch band, or by simply combining multiple stretch band so that the challenge gets increased.
  3. Modify Familiar Exercises
    Stretch band exercises are usually based on strength-training moves which are very familiar. For example, if you stand at one end of the cord and curl your arm upwards while gripping the other end, you have just replaced your traditional dumbbell bicep curl!
  4. Exercise Your Whole Body

Many stretch band kits include a guide to the suggested exercises which involve all major muscle group of your body. For example, stepping up on one end of a stretch band or tying it around a stationary object, opens up several exercise possibilities.

  1. Save Storage Space
    When you are short of space and have just a little room in your home gym, stretch bands always come in handy as they take up very little of it but are of great use. You can simply hang them on a hook or lock them up in a drawer and bring out only at times of use.
  2. On-Road Exercises
    Because of their small size, these can be taken anywhere. They allow you to exercise during your travels. There are so many exercises that can be done using a stretch band in a space as small as a hotel room!
  3. Add variety to your workout
    It sounds like a promising idea to mix up your exercise routine with training from free weights, machines and stretch bands. Each will provide a different work-out result for your muscles.
  4. Safe Exercise
    Stretch bands offer strength-training which is also safe at the same time. You never have a chance of dropping something very heavy on your feet or crushing your fingers beneath any machine part. This makes the stretch bands favorable equipment to work with when you lack a personal trainer.
  5. Combine with Other Exercise Equipment
    Even though they are quite good on their own but when brought in combination with other equipment for performing the same exercise, they tend to provide even better results. For instance, bicep curls when done with stretch bands and then a dumbbell will have more positive output as compared to either one alone.
  6. An Effective Workout
    There are differences between free weight and stretch band exercises; both are effective at their own place. It is just that the stretch bands make you work harder against resistance, causing a greater movement of muscles. Therefore it is highly effective and muscle-making!


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