10 best fitness ideas that can help you save money and time

10 best fitness ideas that can help you save money and time 

Everyone wants to lose weight and get into better shape, but not all of them have the extra cash required to get a gym membership, let alone take out the time to exercise from a busy schedule. However, these 10 hands on fitness ideas will guarantee that you squeeze in a generous dose of healthy activities while putting no pressure on your wallet!

10 Best Fitness Ideas That Can Help You Save Money and Time

  • Exercise from home

There's no need for you to go and buy a fancy gym to stay fit; if you're dedicated to your health, you can form an exercise regime within the confine of your home. Most body workouts can be done using your body weight. Even doing squats and pushups at home will give rise to positive results.

  • Take yourself outside

If you just can't get yourself to commit to a workout in your home, then maybe the world outside will motivate you more. Your surroundings can easily become your massive personal gym. Head on out to the nearest park and indulge in a brisk 30-minute jog to get some well-deserved one on one time with nature.

  • Travel to workout

Another cost effective and extremely time-saving technique to focus on your fitness is to incorporate exercise into your professional or academic life. Change your daily commute, buy a bicycle or even walk to work or school!

Not only will you be cutting down on your carbon emissions, but you will also be leading a healthier lifestyle by staying more active and healthy, with the added benefit of cutting down on fuel costs.

  • Pay attention to what you eat

It is vital to cut down on unhealthy foods while committing to an exercise plan. Portion sizes should be cut down, and processed foods should be avoided. If you happen to feel hungry before meal times, munch on a healthier cost effective snack such as a carrot or some almonds.

Not only will you feel good about cutting back on those carbs but you will also be saving money by eating out less and opting for more home cooked meals to stay fit.


  • Put on your dancing shoes

Dancing is an excellent way to keep yourself active. It can be done anywhere, and you don't have to learn how to dance either. Put on your favourite track, and engage in full body dance forms such as Zumba to burn away unwanted fat.


  • Join a sports team

Joining a sports team, you're interested in is another great way to lose weight and stay healthy with virtually no costs included. Working in a team will not only boost your confidence levels but will also provide you with the motivation needed to remain active. 


  • Play more with the little ones

Engage with kids in some playful physical activities, and you've got yourself a 15 to 20-minute full body workout which can be extremely fun.


  • Do some spring cleaning

Make a workout regime out of your daily household chores; not only will your home be cleaner but you will exercise while saving loads of time. You'll be surprised to realise how many calories dusting and cleaning around the house can burn.

  • Walk the Dog

Walking the dog can also help burn calories, and it's free. If you don't own a dog, you can volunteer to walk your neighbour or friend's dog to remain active.

  • Gardening

You can burn calories and remain fit through gardening too. Heavy yard work can help you burn more than 400 calories in an hour. Even mowing the lawn can get rid of 200 calories per hour. So, if you have any pending gardening project get to it to engage in an active lifestyle.






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