19 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Gym Equipment

19 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Gym Equipment - Fitness Health


19 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Gym Equipment

When you go to the gym, the equipment you use becomes your companion. You spend quality time with it, and in return, it provides you with the body you're aiming for. People go to the gym with a clear goal. They want to use the equipment to become fit. However, there are some things no one likes to hear about gym equipment. Let's go over them!


The 19 Things You Don't Want To Hear About Gym Equipment!


  • Not all old is gold

Exercise equipment is used in the gym on a daily for years. Such frequent usage makes them prone to damage, or they can completely become out of order. When you start your workout if you observe any disturbance in the way the equipment runs then you should stop using it and inform the owner. You might not like not being able to use a piece of equipment you want, but your safety and health should come first.


  • Out of Order

No one likes not being able to exercise using the equipment they like because it's out of order. You come to a gym with a set goal, and any hindrance is annoying. 


  • Hair and Clothes

While you might not like to hear it, there are types of equipment you shouldn't use with untied hair and loose clothes. For example, your hair or clothes can get stuck in the roller when using glide boards.


  • Equipment Isn’t Clean

No one likes not being able to utilize gym equipment because they've been told it isn't clean.


  • Waiting For Your Turn

Paying a gym membership means you should have access to what a gym has to offer. Waiting for your turn because there aren’t enough yoga mats or dumbbells, etc. to use feels like a waste of time.


  • Bring Your Own Hydration

While this might not be gym equipment per se, it’s annoying to find out that the establishment doesn’t offer a water cooler for taking water breaks during your workout.


  • It’s Gender Specific

Being told that you can’t use a certain type of exercising equipment because it’s not for the gender you identify as.


  • Clean After Use

You might not like being asked to clean your sweat off after using an exercise machine, but it's something you should ethically do.


  • Being Asked To Hurry Up

While waiting for your turn happen when using a gym, what isn’t fun is being asked to hurry up using a certain piece of equipment because someone else wants to use it too.


  • You’re Doing It Wrong

Using a piece of equipment in a certain manner for months and then being told by someone you’re using it wrong can get on your nerves. It might not be what you like to hear but consider the possibility that there’s a more efficient way to use a type of equipment during a workout.


  • It Isn’t Effective

Being told that using gym equipment isn’t going to do your body any good compared to exercising using your body weight.


  • Warming Up Is Important

You might not like to hear this a lot but warming up is important before you immediately start lifting weights because you're short on time.


  • Use a Sequence

There are self-proclaimed health experts that’ll try to offer unwanted advice. Depending on whether you want to accept their advice or not being told to use the elliptical before doing push-ups, etc. can lead to an unpleasant argument.


  • Equipment Inequality

Not being able to properly workout because the male and female sections of the gym don’t have the same number of equipment.


  • Improper Readings

The equipment is good enough to be used properly, but your vital readings on its display screen are wrong.


  • Put It Back

Putting the equipment back after you've used it is something you might not like hearing but still have to do it because of gym etiquette.


  • You Broke It

Being told that the gym equipment was working fine before you used it. No one likes getting blamed for something they didn't do.


  • Out Of Limits

Not being able to use expensive and new gym equipment because you aren’t some special gym member who more fees than you.


  • You Aren’t Clean

Being asked not to continue using gym equipment because you’re covered in sweat.












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