5 Resistance Band Exercises That Give All-Round Benefits

5 Resistance Band Exercises That Give All-Round Benefits - Fitness Health

There are a number of accessories available that make exercising more effective and resultant and one of the most compact and extremely versatile are resistance bands. They are very easy to carry as you can fit them in your pocket making them perfect for workouts at home as well as while you are traveling. Resistance bands fully activate the muscles of your body providing you with a greater range of motion and overall strength. Resistance band exercises work your upper and lower body, your abs, and your booty. To make these resistance band workouts most effective, it is important to make sure that you keep constant tension on the band and not let it go slack. Following are some of the best resistance band exercises that strengthen and stimulate the muscles and improve your flexibility tremendously:

  1. Rotating lunge and row

Stand with your right foot forward and the heel of the left foot lifted above the ground. Hold the resistance band in front of your chest with your arms stretched forward. Lunge forward, bend your elbows, and rotate your torso to the right and stand back up. Do this exercise 10 times on the right and then 10 times on the left.

This exercise targets the abs, upper back, butt, and legs. It tightens the whole abdomen and tones the thighs and calves while working the upper back and butt.  

  1. Squats

Squats are considered as an incredible exercise that not only helps to build your leg muscles they help to improve both upper and lower body strength. They help to build muscles and enhance circulation of oxygen and nutrients to all the vital muscles and organs of the body. When you add a squat band to it, you increase the effectiveness of this exercise ten-fold.

Place the band under your feet and stretch it in such a way that it is behind you with your hands on your shoulders. Keep the elbows bend and squat keeping the tension in the band. Do 20 reps of these resistance band squats.

  1. Push-up

Push-up is one of the most common bodyweight exercises that target the upper body and the core. It activates multiple muscle groups such as triceps, glutes, pectoral muscles, deltoids, and core muscles. Although the main target of this exercise is the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and chest, you can increase the muscle groups that work in this exercise by adding a resistance band.  

Come to a push-up position and secure the resistance band under the palms of your hand making sure that the band stays flat on your back. Do 20 reps of this resistance band exercise.

  1. Bikini bottom sculptor

Planks help to tighten the core muscles and get sculpted abs. Side planks are especially effective in working the oblique muscles and giving you a flat stomach. By adding a resistance band to the legs at knee level while doing a side plank helps you get a stronger core. Keep your left elbow on the ground, right hand behind the head and lift up turning the right knee out to the side while keeping the feet together. Do 20 reps on each side.  

  1. Bicycle crunches

Lie on your back to do bicycle crunches. Keep the resistance band around your feet in constant tension as you pull one leg towards your shoulder and extend the other leg out. This will work your core, transverse abdominals, and the obliques giving you a slimmer and toned look.

Resistance band workout elongates and strengthens the muscle fibers, improve flexibility, and stimulate muscles in a way which is not possible with free weights only. If you do these exercises in proper form with recommended rest between sets you will experience an increase in your stamina and endurance which will, in turn, improve your cardiovascular health


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