Can’t run? Learn to run like a pro – five fixes that will work fast

Can’t run? Learn to run like a pro – five fixes that will work fast - Fitness Health

Running may look like a very simple activity, well there’s way more than just putting one foot ahead of the other. Being a beginner, you should know that effective running starts from the right foot. Every body part from head to toe has to be completely in control in order to make the maximum out of it.

Some base-level fitness is required before you start a proper running routine. Every step you take while running puts tension and pressure on all your muscles, joints in the legs, ankles, knees, toes and feet. If you are overweight, your running posture may differ from normal people because the tendons and muscles would react in a different way because of the weight. 

Here are five fixes that could help you begin running like a pro and getting the desired results:

  1. Torso

Hold your stomach into a vacuum while you run, stop twisting it like you use to. Keeping your body posture upright with chest out is the most efficient way to run. Keep your head up straight would help you cover a better range than usual.

Keeping in mind that your body posture has to do a lot with safe running without getting an injury.

  1. Shoulders and back

Have a complete control on your back so that you have a firm grip of your upper body while you run. Leaning forward and backward will put tension on your deltoids and lower back. Fortunately, leaning could help you sprint a bit faster but it uses up more of your energy.

  1. Knees

The movement of your lower body should be smooth, with your knees raised slightly and kept loose. In this way, they will bend easily and absorb the impact as you step in the ground. As you speed up, your knees go higher naturally and that’s how it goes.

  1. Feet

The way you strike the ground should be firm. Always try to land on the front side of your feet, landing on heels is the worse you can do to yourself. When you run, it’s rare that both of your feet will land at the same time on the ground. So your hamstrings and cakes should be strong enough to hold your body weight while running.

  1. Arms and hands

Some of the athletic professionals may tell you not to clench your fists while running. If you are firm with that part, you should definitely do it. Otherwise, keep your hands in the most comfortable way you think. Because while running, you cannot afford to put your brain on setting the position of your wrists.

Avoid swinging your hands side to side, as it will tie you much early and it will affect your breathing while running. The right way is to bend your elbows at right angles and just let your body move the hands naturally back and forth to the opposite motion of your legs. Explaining further, when your right leg goes forward, your right arm shall swing backwards.


Each point above has its own value if you consider running professionally. Therefore, by these fixes you can game up your running activities. Other than that, your nutrition plays a vital role in achieving the targets you look forward from running.

Balancing all the aspects will help you enjoy your daily running and uplift your health game. Lastly, some good running apparel and a nice pair of shoes will motivate you daily to get up and run. Motivated? Then what are you waiting for?


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