How to stay safe when running outdoors

How to stay safe when running outdoors - Fitness Health


How to stay safe when running outdoors


When the weather gets warmer, many people like to go for a run outside. Running helps to boost both your mood and mental health, and gets you into shape. However, there are many dangers to running outside on your own in broad daylight as well as at night. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

Be alert

If you run with music, don’t allow yourself to be too distracted that you become less aware of your surroundings. Keep the volume down or leave one headphone out of your ear, so you can keep track of what is going on around you.

Ensure you are visible

If you aren’t sure if other people can see you, then they most probably can’t. When you run in the dark, wear reflective clothing and take a torch or headlight with you. These will help you to see and be seen. Always make eye contact with motorists before you cross a road too, so they can stop to let you go.

Run with someone

If you run with a friend and you get into trouble, the friend can call for help or contact emergency services. Try looking for running clubs and finding out their running schedules. Alternatively, you could run with your dog if you have one. Dogs can deter bad people from approaching you. If all else fails, tell your family or housemates you’re going running and the estimated time you’ll come back. When you return, let them know you are safe.

Run in the daytime

This will decrease your risk of getting attacked or injured, and motorists can see you better. If other commitments prevent you from running in the daytime, try going to the gym or buying your own treadmill. You could also do strength workouts, including HIIT training, and leave running for another day instead.

Run against traffic

Doing this will make motorists notice you, and you’re able to see whether or not someone will turn right in front of you. Then you won’t need to keep turning around when you cross roads.

Bring your phone with you

Always take your phone in case something happens to you. You can call someone to come and help you if you’re attacked, struck by a vehicle or you injure yourself.

Protect yourself

Taking a self-defence course could save your life. Having this information will help you feel more confident when going outside, even if you never need to use it. You’ll even look less like a potential victim to perpetrators.

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