How to find the right running shoe

How to find the right running shoe - Fitness Health

How to find the right running shoe

One of the most important steps of running is finding the right shoe.Often it’s hard to know what good qualities you need from your shoes.

In this article we will explain shoe injuries caused by bad footwear and help you understand the importance of getting the shoe right. We have put together a quick guide that can help you in your selection.

Follow this step to guide and you’ll be running miles into your healthy future.

Getting the right shoe has to be the most important step for running, if you have a low quality running shoes your putting yourself  risk from injury, the most common injury people suffer from running with poor footwear are shin splints.

13% of injuries are caused with bad running shoes and are the biggest reason for shin splints, you will know when you suffer from shin splints because every time you run and feel a throbbing pain or ache in your low legs, this occurs because of overuse of lower leg muscles with flat footed exercise.

Not only can it cause shin splints, but it’s common for people whom wear bad footwear with to be more prone to back problems, knee injuries and hip fractures.

A good running shoe will support the arch of your foot, the arch is the spring in your step. If you think of yourself as a tuning folk when running, when you run you make small vibrations, each step sends a vibration from the foot up into the knee, towards the hip and travels into the upper body then back down.

If you hit the bottom of a tuning folk on the edge the vibration will be light, it will also follow through the fork and travel back into the ground. Were as if you hit the folk flat the vibration will be ten times stronger, this vibration can damage and hurt the bone by shattering the whole structure, this is one of the reasons this can cause osteoporosis or arthritis later in life.

Just because you don’t suffer from the problem now, doesn’t mean you are safe, most problems will occur in the later stages in life, treat your feet right prevent these pains form arriving in the future.

Look for these qualities when choosing your shoe.

  1. Supported foot arch- this will aid the bounce in your step, helping you run safer
  2. Good support of the foot – when you run over different surfaces you will need to bottom to be flexible and be able to adjust and deal with the uneven balance.
  3. Water proof- gore -tex running shoes are awesome for keeping your feet dry and preventing athletes foot
  4. Breathable- It’s important that your feet can breath and release water and air, stopping them from over sweating and losing extra water from your body system.
  5. Ankle support- another top injury for runners, often uneven surfaces will send us off balance, holes, bumps etc, also needed for uphill and downhill running.
  6. Grip- running outside will give you different weather conditions and surfaces will change, wet, icy, damp etc. You need the grip especially when running around corners.


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