Do you need a fitness program for body change success?

 Do you need a fitness program for body change success?

Do you want to lose weight? Or are you someone who needs to put on some pounds? Either way, you’ll notice that body changes are very difficult to manage. You might try extremely hard but you won’t be able to lose all that body fat, or you might not be able to gain muscle at all. What you must understand is that in order for you to experience body changes successfully you must follow a fitness program. And by fitness program, I do not mean that you need to follow a major diet plan. No, the term fitness program here refers to keeping a focused check on your body changes no matter how small, big or subtle these changes might be. You must keep a track of your body in order to be able to determine whether your body has experienced some sort of change or not. A fitness program is important for body change success. It also includes having specific health and body goals, and an efficient method of tacking everything in order to see if you’re one the road to success or not.

You need a plan

It is one thing to do a few pushup or a few sit-ups every other day in order to lose weight. For your body to actually start to change, you need to follow a fitness program. There are a lot of fitness programs out there, some created by very famous trainers. However, the fitness program you need to follow has to do with your end goals. Do you want a toned body? A muscular body? Or just want to lose weight? Etc. The answer to these questions will help you decide which fitness program you should follow. A fitness program will provide you with a guideline. It will also help you understand what changes you should expect from your body instead of exerting yourself at the gym to get washboard abs in a week. A lot of people waste time and energy doing exercises that don’t do anything for their body. After a few weeks, not seeing the desired changes, makes them quit. So, you need a fitness program for body change success. However, another factor that comes into play when following a fitness program is how you measure the changes that occur.

Don’t use just scales to track your body!

Now don’t be misled, if you think that by simply measuring your weight you’ll be able to determine whether your body has changed over the past few days or not to see if you’ve been rightly following your fitness program, then you’re wrong. Firstly, understand that scales are not the best way of tracking your body changes. Our bodies go through a lot of changes each day, and so you might notice that on some particular days your body weight would be higher as compared to some other days instead. Now if you were to use only scales to keep a track of your body, you would ultimately go crazy and think that you’re not following a fitness program correctly. The best way to keep a track on your body changes is by taking a picture. Select two days from your week, and on the selected two days, at a fixed time, take a picture of yourself standing in front of the mirror in only your underwear or your swimsuit. Keep these pictures in a folder and view them closely. You will notice some changes, taking pictures makes it a lot easier to keep track of your body changes.

Measure your weight on any two days of the week, preferably after you wake up and before you have your breakfast. Make sure that you are consistent in measuring your weight at the same place and at the same time as well. Note down these digits. However, make sure that you don’t weigh yourself every single day. Only twice a week is fine. Your body experiences too many changes to provide you with consistent digits each day. The next thing that you should do is take some measuring tape and measure your waist, the widest part of your hips, your arm, bicep, thighs, shoulders, chest area, neck and, etc. But see that every time you measure, you need to measure from the exact same areas. Use your body moles and freckles to help you out. These will allow you to easily track anybody change that occurs by following a fitness program.


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