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Body Measure Tape by Fitness Health

Body Measure Tape by Fitness Health

Fitness Health

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Easy to use a body measuring tape, take measurements of body parts easily with the clip-in mechanism. 

Adjust and set goals for waist or muscle size. Give yourself targets to achieve muscle growth in certain areas of the body. 

Simply pull the tape around any body part, place the clip located at the end of the tape in the circular hole then press the button to tighten around the muscle for accurate recording. 

Body Measure tape is a handy tool that can give you calculations in seconds as it tightens and retracts around most body parts. 


Measures any body part (arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips and more).

Designed to help with ease of measurement.

Push-button retraction and locking feature to ensure snug measurement and accuracy.

The vinyl tape makes it long-lasting.

Measurement can be taken in Centimetres and Inches.

60cm in length 

Please note that the body tape starts at 1,8cm this is to compensate for the size of the measure when you place this around the muscle it is not defective. 

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