Hex bell Dumbbell Weights Vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell weights

Hex bell Dumbbell Weights Vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell weights - Fitness Health

Hex bell Dumbbell Weights Vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell weights 

Dumbbell weights are pieces of handy equipment that are vital for weight trainers. You can define it as just an extra equipment piece which is found most commonly in home gyms, fitness centers, and commercial guys.

Whether you decide to pick a hex bell dumbbell weight for your exercise session or Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights, it is vital that you pick the correct dumbbell that meets your fitness goal needs. Let’s talk about them both!

Hex bell dumbbells

Hex bell, also more commonly known as regular or standard dumbbells are quite easy to use. The standard dumbbells are generally available in two different styles, and one of them is the hex style. These hex bells start from 1 pound per dumbbell and extend up to 100 pounds per dumbbell.

Advantages of hex bell dumbbell weights

The primary reason why these hex bell dumbbells are so common and widely chosen when it comes to staying fit is because they are ready to use. This means that you don’t need to make any adjustments to these dumbbells before starting your routine.

Similarly, another advantage is that the dumbbell can either be round or square. Due to their shape, they hardly roll around, and as a result, the risk of getting injured is drastically reduced. This isn't the case with the majority of the available adjustable dumbbells. Moreover, these hex bell dumbbell weights are comparatively cheaper as compared to the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights.

Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights

When it comes to the adjustable dumbbell weights, there is an extended weight range. Moreover, with these adjustable dumbbell weights, you can change the weight of the dumbbells without any hassle in just a few minutes.

It is true that the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights are expensive than the hex bell weights; however, one adjustable weight is equivalent to many regular dumbbells since the weight can be adjusted accordingly.

Per dumbbell, the adjustable dumbbell provides a range of weight starting from 45 pounds and going all the way up to 100 pounds. The pounds that dumbbells offer depend on the model and the brand. Generally, the adjustable dumbbells come with a small plate load, and you can load more weight plates if you prefer. However, the number of weights that you can load depends on how durable the bar is and how long the weight sleeves are.

Advantages of choosing the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights

With how much people have started giving importance to fitness and health, more companies offering adjustable dumbbells have sprung up. There are numerous kinds of Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights that vary in a few aspects like adjustment, storage, etc. The majority of the adjustable dumbbells that don’t cost much are easy to get the hang of. Meanwhile, the ones that are expensive come with an ergonomic design, a mechanism that is easy to use, more levels for weight increments, and more weights.

The adjustable dumbbells don’t require too much space for storage, unlike the hex bell dumbbells where you need space for storing the different dumbbells with various weight sizes. The truth is that purchasing adjustable dumbbells might be more costly at first but in the long term it saves more money as you wouldn’t have to purchase different sets of hex bell dumbbell weights.


The dumbbell you pick all comes down to the strength you have and the way you plan to use such an exercising tool. If you have the habit of lifting heavy weights, then the hex bell dumbbells will be ideal as they are sturdier. However, if you like to change weights up and you train with a few people who might also be using the same dumbbells, the Bowflex dumbbells should be the ones to go for. 

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