how important is the "fun" factor in your workouts

 How important is the "Fun" factor in your workouts


On some days, you may not feel like getting up and doing exercise. You might feel stressed, depressed or sleep-deprived, but these are the best excuses to work out. To make exercise a habit, you need to change your mindset and take steps to make working out more fun.

Your mind and having fun are huge factors when it comes to working out. You’ll find that when you find a sport you enjoy, you’ll keep at it. If you associate exercise with excitement, it will become a more enjoyable part in your lifestyle. You will even find that when you finish your workout, you’ll experience a high that will motivate you to get active more often. Here are some ideas for how you can make workouts more fun:


Find a friend to work out with

Working out with other people is a great way to get motivated and make exercising more fun. When you have someone to encourage you to work harder, it makes it easier for you to push yourself and step up your fitness levels. You are even less likely to miss a workout session if someone is expecting you to join them.


Mix up your workout

Adding variety to your exercise regime can also make your workouts more fun. You may feel you are short of time or bored, so it’s best to keep things simple. For example, if you only have an hour off for lunch, go out for a walk. If you already take part in sport, you could sign up for events you wouldn’t usually enter, or try other activities such as spin classes or water polo. Trying new things is an essential factor in making workouts fun.


Decide on a goal

Think about what you would like to achieve in your sport, and try to work towards that. If you set yourself a new goal, it can give you something to aim for and make you test your limits. When you leave your comfort zone, you will get stronger and be able to endure your workout for longer.

A goal must challenge you but don’t let it be impossible to achieve. Breaking down your goal into smaller ones first will help focusing on achieving your goal easier. Setting goals and accomplishing them make exercise more fun, and you become fitter and healthier in the process.


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