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If you’re planning on getting rid of all that fat and instead of getting a shredded six packs then you need to make some effective changes to your lifestyle. Instead of following the old, basic advice that tells you to stop eating basically, go on endless walks and do sit-ups, try following a training program that would work. This old advice won’t work unless you want to look skinny ripped, which truthfully is never a flattering look on anyone. Instead of starving yourself and running long miles for hours follow tips and tricks that are going to work in helping you get lean. There are some basic principles of how you can get lean; these principles are easy to implement and provide some concrete advice that can help you out.

The basic principles of how to get lean

Incorporating resistance training in your life

The first thing you should understand is that the more muscles you have, the more metabolically active your body will become. Your body will then burn off more calories than it did before, and To build more muscles; you must incorporate hard resistance training into your workout regime. Lifting weights will stress out your muscles making them realise that they need to grow bigger and stronger. Your body uses more calories to grow muscles, while you workout, and for repairing muscles after an intense workout. With resistance training, you don't even have to cut down the calories to see some crazy changes.

Increasing Your Fibre Intake

Fibre is kind of carbohydrate that the body is unable to break down into glucose to provide energy for use. There are two different kinds of fibres, the soluble kind, and the insoluble kind; both of these fibres have various benefits for the body. Fibre helps by attracting water and forms a gel that slows down the digestion process, prevents the stomach from getting empty quickly and keeps you fuller longer. It also promotes bowel movement and helps the food so that it passes quickly allowing the digestive function to remain healthy.

Not all calories are equal

The foods you eat can either be categorized as a protein, carbohydrate or fat. Each of the macronutrients metabolizes differently, even though they all provide calories. Although each of this macronutrient is important, you should not derive all of your calories from one particular macronutrient. Each nutrient is essential for a healthy body, and since everyone’s body works differently, it is a better idea to experiment with the different types and amounts of calories to see which one works better for you.

Combining nutrients wisely

To get lean, you must not consume a carb-only meal as this causes the liver to convert the excess carbohydrates into fat, which are stored for future use to provide energy. This will cause an increase in the amount of stored body fat and will result in your craving for some proteins. It is important to include protein in every meal and to time your meals as this help in creating specific hormonal responses. Combining carbs with protein will help you by creating an insulin spike for you after you’ve worked out.

Limit the cardio

As with resistance training, your body will adapt to cardio. If you run for hours, your body will eventually adjust by becoming very fuel-efficient. You will have to cut down your cardio to get your metabolism back to the baseline and will have to feed your body more food. Once the metabolism is in check, you can then manipulate your food to help you lose weight, this way you’ll be able to add muscle to your body.

Make sure to track and record your progress

Record every progress, weigh your body and take measurements the only to figure out what is better for your body is simply through trial and error. Figure out your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and then control your caloric intake. Establish a meal plan, see how your body responds to it; you can also manipulate your macronutrients.



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