Spin Bike vs Watt Bike - a complete unbiased overview

Spin Bike vs Watt Bike - a complete unbiased overview - Fitness Health

Indoor cycling offers a great workout at home while making you feel you’re cycling outdoors. However, finding the proper cycling equipment is necessary. We say this because such equipment needs to offer you the results you’re aiming for as well as entice you to use it. You don't want your cycling equipment to sit idle somewhere in the basement, right? Now, a spin bike and a watt bike are the best options available on the market.


Both of the options mentioned above will give you toned muscles and an excellent cardio workout. But which one should you opt for?


To choose between a spin and a watt cycle, below is a complete unbiased overview, which includes key features and differences. 


Spin Bike vs. Watt Bike

The first spin bike was said to be released in the 1980s, designed by athletes to give you an intense workout with an indoor bike. Data shows spin bikes build endurance and improve overall body strength. It has a steel flywheel in the front, along with adjustable handlebars and saddle. Such a bike is famous for its simple design.


After being tested by many renowned athletes, the first-ever watt bike was introduced in 2008. According to data, it, too, is perfect for an indoor burn. It helps keep track of your heart rate, cadence, and power. 


Spin Bike vs. Watt Bike – Intensity


A spin bike offers an intense workout compared to other exercise bikes. This is because the front wheel is entirely constructed of steel, which is quite heavy. People who want to put some extra effort into their exercise session can go for the spin bike


On the other hand, a watt bike offers a great overall experience. Riders can make adjustments according to their ability (being able to perform light to intense workouts).


After much deliberation, the bottom line is that, when compared, the intensity of the workout you can experience on both bikes isn’t vastly different. 


Spin Bike vs. Watt Bike – Muscles


A spin bike targets the lower body muscles, specifically your knees, calves, and thighs. With such a bike, you can expect these muscles to be quite toned. Additionally, your upper body gains some muscle too. 


The watt bike targets the lower body as well. With a watt bike, it's easier to also target the muscles making up your abs, back, and quads. You can further add dumbbells and other weights for a full-body workout. 


Spin Bike vs. Watt Bike - Calories 


Depending upon your workout's speed on either bike, you can shed around 400-800 calories in an hour. You can choose any bike if your only aim is to lose weight since they are an excellent fat burner.


All you need is the right workout plan and commitment to lose weight. As mentioned, you can also lift weights or dumbbells for overall body fitness (which is said to be more comfortable on a watt bike). 


Spin Bike vs. Watt Bike – Design


The flywheel is an additional feature in the spin bikes. This wheel weighs almost 40 pounds. The function of this wheel is to make your workout intense. When the resistance is set to high, it takes a lot of effort to move this wheel even slightly.


However, the watt bike has two essential features that decide your performance during a workout. Firstly, the magnetic braking system is composed of both electric currents and air. When air enters the flywheel, it gives you a feeling of resistance (which can feel quite intense). Secondly, you can change the intensity from high to low anytime. Due to its design, a watt bike is said to be easier to control. It also helps you keep track of your progress.


Spin Bike



  • High-intensity workout with a strong emphasis on lower body muscles.
  • It can offer an exciting workout similar to cycling outdoors.
  • It is known to be extremely gentle on joints (during low-impact sessions). 



  • Not ideal for beginners or people that are quite unfit for cardio sessions. 


Watt Bike



  • Quite easy to set up and adjust (for children and adults).
  • Helps you tone upper body musles as well

 as your lower half.

  • It offers you multiple speed options.



  • Isn’t recommended for people with bad knees.


Wrapping It Up


Both of these bikes serve the purpose of offering an intense workout indoors. However, if you want to be more precise during your workout sessions, many think you should opt for a spin bike. They say this because a spin bike can offer you an incredibly intense workout. A watt bike is recommended for those who wish to cycle for more extended periods. But when it comes down to it, don't hesitate to try both types of bikes to see what works the best for you.
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